Posted by: springsinthedesert | September 25, 2012

Come To Me…Just The Way You Are.

God has been talking to me a lot about opening up to Him just the way I am. Church and religion has complicated this idea of a beautiful relationship with lots of so called “laws”. You need to have this robe of righteousness wrapped around you to come to His presence…you need to be holy and upright to call unto Him….and the list just goes on.

Knowingly or unknowingly, these restrictions prevent us from coming to the throne with boldness by constantly reminding us about our unworthiness. Today I would like you to introduce you to a woman who came to Jesus with a baggage of sin. In the Gospel of Luke, chapter 7, we read about a sinful woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears, wiped it with her hair and anointed him with an expensive oil.

If we understand the context of this scripture, we will see that this woman was an uninvited guest at the Pharisee’s house. This Pharisee had invited Jesus to dine with him. Though Simon, the Pharisee called him teacher, he did not have a welcoming heart. He might have called him just for a social status..or may be to have an opportunity to appraise Jesus with many other Pharisees.

In those days, when a guest arrived at a home, it was courteous to receive the guest with a kiss, a bowl of water to wash away the dust off their sandals and a little perfumed oil to adorn their hair. This Pharisee failed in his hospitality. May be there were many others whom he considered important than Jesus. Far away from the crowd, there is this woman, behind Jesus…sitting next to his feet. She is pouring out her heart. Tears are just flowing that it slowly started wetting his feet. For every tear that falls..she wiped it with her hair( those days, putting a woman’s hair loose was considered to be disgraceful), anointed his feet with the perfumed oil.

How did this woman get into this house? How did she get the courage to come into a place-a gathering of self righteous people-without inviting? Didn’t she understand the baggage she carried…it was not only heavy….but was a mess.

Let me show you the differences in attitude of two different people in the same place. This woman knew that she was a total mess…but considered herself in need of forgiveness and therefore a savior. Whereas, Simon the Pharisee was pleased with himself and thought that God would be too. He was a small debtor…He had kept the “laws” and so was righteous in his own eyes. May be few and there and a justification..”After all we are all human”. And the sacrifices he has offered would definitely cover all those tiny miny sins.

Today, we claim ourselves to be with Jesus…in the same room..fellowshipping with Him…How is our attitude? Do we have the boldness to come into His presence…just the way we are…may be we might have been messed up…confused…doubtful. Are we able to share our thoughts openly with Him or are we like that Pharisee holding onto that hypocrisy of ‘self righteousness’. Remember, when actions in a relationship are forced because of becomes a ‘LAW’…but when they are done out of love…they are simply called ‘LOVE’…and that is why the CROSS erased the LAW.

God Bless,

Rani John


  1. Really good to see you back again Rani, with your unique and inspirational insights into writing. God has blessed you with this gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Thank you so much Collin…Please uphold us in your prayers..Will send you an email in detail..

      God Bless,

  2. Very good blog. Excellent. I’ll be watching. Blessings.

  3. What a great message and a reminder for us all! A contrite heart is all Christ looks at. Bless you, dear friend.

  4. Thank you so much. May the blessing of the God be with you.

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