Posted by: springsinthedesert | May 21, 2012

A Broad Way For Our Tiny Steps

Two weeks back, God gave me couple of verses from two different Psalms which I kept on meditating for days. I knew that He wanted to tell me something through them, but did not understand completely what He meant. I love it when He uses an example from my own life to explain the scripture…and that is exactly what He did this time too.

Righteousness goes before him and prepares the way for his steps.(Psalms 85:13)

You provide a broad path for my feet,so that my ankles do not give way.(Psalms 18:36)

I was more interested by the two words in those verses…steps(feet) and way(broad path). It has totally two different dimensions. When you think about steps or feet…you feel so constrained or limited…but when you think about a is more wide and open and you feel that the destination is ahead. But I never understood the depth of those verses until He explained to me with an example.

My little one started to walk couple of days back. Its really a joy to watch her make those tiny steps…balancing herself so hard not to fall. She is so excited about her new milestone that she is least bothered about what is on her way. She stumbles over them over and over, but shows the enthusiasm to get up and walk. As a mother, I try to clear her way from toys and other things on the floor so that she makes her tiny steps with ease. One day, while doing the same, God said to me…”This is exactly what I mean when I say..”prepares the way for your steps. provide a broad path for your feet”.

In this broad way He is preparing for your tiny steps, God is providing His protection. He is constantly watching you and walking ahead of you to clear your path so that you will not stumble upon things on the way and lose the track. He knows that obstacles in your path may hurt you and discourage you..So He clears them even before you see them or reach them.

When my little one started to walk, I reacted as though she climbed Mt. Everest. We tried to encourage her for every little steps she made..and she loved it. This is exactly what our heavenly father does when we make those tiny steps towards HIM. In this broad way that He provides…He is promising to encourage us continuously. Just the way you are excited about this new venture, our Almighty God is excited to see how far you have come in this journey.

Being a mother, my eyes are constantly upon my child when she makes those tiny steps. What if she hits something…what if she falls down. I cannot take my eyes off her until she finally reaches my arms. Can you imagine how much more your heavenly father will do for you? In this broad path he is preparing for you feet…He is promising His continual presence. His eyes are fixed on you. He says..”I will never leave you nor forsake you”. 

This way His is preparing for you is full of His love..the love of a father…to see what you were…what you are and what you are going to be…He sees it all and He is extremely proud of it..He hopes and wants you to be on this track…never stumbling upon obstacles.He hopes you will get up every time you fall and constantly look upon Him and not on the things on the way. He wants you to reach the destination He has prepared for you.

My dear child of God…do you see this all in His way? Do you see Him preparing this for you? How often do we forget what He has planned for us..Today, let us be thankful for the way He has prepared for our steps…Remember He has set us in a larger place.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Hi Rani, we tend to forget and loose sight especially during difficut times and trials, that our God is a loving God. And that he always wants the best for us. Thank you for reminding us. God Bless and enjoy and appreciate evey minute of the time you spend with your daughter.

  2. I love how He brings you messages from your own life. 🙂 How perfect to show it through your little one walking! God bless you and thank you, Rani, as you listen and share His encouragements with us!

  3. Dearest Rani,
    I also had a similar thought put on my heart by the holy spirit few days back, as I was helping out David to roll over. It is a hard task for Him but the support from my hands make his rolling much easier. Our hard times are made easier by His grace.How sweet is our Jesus who watches all our tiny steps with patience and adds up all the components needed to make it a success! Beautiful devotion Rani.

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