Posted by: springsinthedesert | April 2, 2012

In His Embrace

My little one was sick for the past two weeks. It all started with a viral fever and then ended up in a pneumonia. she was hospitalized for 3 days and is now recovering at home. It was difficult for us as a family, but we could feel the amazing presence of the Lord with us everyday. Through all this..I could only think of God’s faithfulness and His loving kindness that was fresh and new each morning.

Last Sunday,  we were at the doctor’s office, waiting for a shot… My husband was playing with our daughter so that she will feel a little bit comfortable in spite of the high fever. He placed her on the examination table and opened his arms wide and asked her to jump. She loves to do that. And this time also…she did not think about her fever…she did not consider that the circumstance is different and is now at the doc’s office…she did not think that the table is high up than usual…with a big smile..she jumped straight into his arms. At that moment, I heard Holy Spirit speaking to me…”Why don’t you trust the LORD like her??” I felt someone saying to me…”she did not even think for a second that her daddy will not hold her because she was cranky and crying due to the fever. She just saw her daddy’s face on the other side with an open arms and jumped to him”.

I did not think much about it that time. But yesterday while putting her to sleep, that incident at the doc’s office came into my mind. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as Holy Spirit revealed to me about God’s faithfulness. I would like to share this thought that He put in my heart so that you and me will clearly understand God’s faithfulness towards us.

Anyone who loves children or who is loving and caring by nature will never let go of a child when he or she jumps to him. No matter whether the child is his own or not…he will never want to see the child hurt. He will never think whether the child was good in the past…whether she was disobedient….when he is there with the open arms waiting for the child to jump in…All that is in his heart is pure love towards that child. But for a man who is not that expressive, his gesture will be totally different. Most of the time, we can see that a gesture expressed often is the definite character of that person.

One more thing…, the gesture expressed has a totally different meaning when the recipient is one’s own child. My husband’s reaction to my daughter would be totally different than to our neighbor’s child. An expression of one’s feeling depends on his relationship with the other person… isn’t it?

Through that small gesture at the doctor’s office, Holy Spirit reminded me that God’s faithfulness is not only His character, but its expression is completely different for His own. He is faithful and will always be…no matter how we react. And when we are His priced possession, His faithfulness towards us is unchangeable.

Today, are you messed up in life…thinking that you are unworthy to go to Him?? Are you reluctant to trust Him and rely completely on Him thinking that your past will be an obstacle in your relationship with Him?? Have you been showing tantrums and running  away from God, thinking that He will never accept you as His own?? Are you afraid to trust Him thinking about the circumstances that you are in right now…My dear child of God, you can trust in His faithfulness. He will never let you go..He is standing there with an open arms..He doesn’t care whether you have messed up…come just the way you are and submit yourself to that loving embrace.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Thank you, I’m truly encouraged by this message. Felt the Lord spoke to me through this.

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