Posted by: springsinthedesert | March 27, 2012

Why Are You Here, My Child???

We have great expectations about God’s ways in our lives. Considering our past experiences with the Lord, we assume certain norms in which God will work and we wait for such norms alone. When our expectations are not met, we feel discouraged and depressed..During such times, some quit faith…some question God..some lose hope. In today’s devotion, I would like to share with you a scripture that conveys the same message.

Let us read 1 Kings 19:10-15. There we see a great man of God named Elijah at Mount Horeb…worried and without hope. Now let me explain the context a little bit here. In the book of James, we read that Elijah was a man in our nature. But this man was a great prophet who performed great miracles with the anointing of God. This is the same man of God who prayed and prevented the rain for three and half years. Heaven responded to his request and send rain once he prayed again. There was a spectacular manifestation of God through him at Mount Carmel where the tongues of fire  came from the heaven and burned the sacrifice even though the altar was drenched in water. He killed 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Asherah. after all this supernatural and victorious events in his life, he is now at the top of another mountain, but this time…just like one of us…discouraged and at the end of rope. what happened in between?

When King Ahab told Jezebel about what happened at Mount Carmel, and how Elijah killed the prophets of Baal…She was furious and decided to kill Elijah before the next day just like he killed the prophets of Baal. When Elijah came to know about this, he was scared to death and fled to Beersheba. After travelling another day’s journey into the wilderness, he was totally exhausted and sat under a Juniper tree crying out loud..”Lord, I have had take my life”. Is the same Elijah we saw at Mount Carmel? He was physically tired, mentally challenged and now at the end of hope..all he wanted was to die. But we serve a God who is with us not only at the mountain top experiences…but who strengthens us even at the low estates of life. There we read that an angel of God appears and satisfies his physical need with a freshly baked bread and a jar of water. (Please feel free to read my previous post on this Juniper tree experiences of Elijah)

With the strength he received from the Angel’s visitation, he ran 40 days and 40 nights to Mount Horeb. There the Lord is confronting him with a question..”Why are you here?”. Does that mean that God did not expect Elijah to run to Mount Horeb?? I do not know. But that question has a depth in its meaning…When God asked Elijah..why are you here…he meant..what brought you here?? what is your condition right now..that you standing at this current place of yours? The truth is he was scared and is now at the low states of life..but that is not exactly his answer. God asks him to stand out on the mountain in the presence of God. First a great and powerful wind came , but God was not in that wind…Then an earthquake, but God was not in there too. Then came a fire, but Elijah could not find God in that too.

All this time, I think Elijah was expecting God to intervene and appear in ways that he has been experiencing in the past..Through rain, through fire and through other great manifestations. He expected that God will intervene with Jezebel and save his some spectacular way. But HE did not and Elijah was shattered. When he could not feel the presence of God in all those norms that he expected..then fear started creeping in and finally he ended up in great desperation. May be at Mount Horeb, God was meeting his spiritual need and telling him that God does not always intervene in ways that he expects…but in other ways like a small still voice. God asks the same question to Elijah..Why are you here? But this time also..he says the same answer..not willing to get up from the current state that he is in.

Today, God is asking the same question…Why are you here? What brought you to this state of yours? Are you having a pity party and being in the same place that you have been couple of years back?? God definitely understands our discouragements and do not condemn us for that low estate of ours. He is with us strengthening us with the word of God and the holy Spirit. But even after that heavenly food, are you still tired and discouraged…not wanting to continue. God wants to work in your life…but those ways might not be the same as you have expected…You thought he will intervene through a wind..and you found nothing…you waited for yet another event…but nothing happened…Remember..God works in ways you cannot see..He works through still voices too. So today, if you are discouraged ..He wants to tell you..Get have many more miles to go in His plan…Don’t give are almost there.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Hi Rani, through God’s question ‘Why are you here’ that he poses to Elijah, He is asking to surrender our will to His. Stubborn temptations and overwhelming problems and discouragement are defeated by Christ the moment we surrender. The ultimate example for us is Jesus himself. The night before His crucifixion He surrendered to God’s plan, saying, ‘I want your will, not mine.’ Jesus surrendered His LIFE for YOURS.

  2. Thank you for this encouragement Rani! Keeping going in Him! love and prayers!

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