Posted by: springsinthedesert | January 30, 2012

Hold Onto Your Beautiful Promise

Have you ever noticed how beautiful a promise looks on the day you received it? When you are in the middle of a difficult situation, desperate and receive a word from God and you feel that it is the most beautiful thing that ever happened in your life. Suddenly you feel hope stirring up in your heart…you feel the energy to hold on to the promise till you receive it. But as time goes on..when the circumstances say that its impossible…your divine looking promise suddenly does not feel that hopeful..we feel like making alternatives and try to put add ons so that somehow you and me can reach that end we have been hoping for long.

For today’s devotion, I would like to describe a very familiar old testament story and share with you what God revealed to me regarding holding on to the promise in the middle of impossibilities. Lets go to the book of Exodus and see the birth of a promise..Moses. God had seen Moses as a leader and was given as a promise to the Israelites who were in bondage for long 400 years. His Jewish parents did not know anything in advance about the purpose of God regarding him, but his mother saw Moses as a divinely beautiful child and hid him for three months. Now, Moses was not born into a normal world. He was born into a nation where the Pharaoh had made orders to destroy all male children of his origin. It was not just motherly instincts…she saw something different in that child and felt the urge to hide him..somehow protect him in the middle of this catastrophe.

It was much easier in the first month..but as days passed by, this promise of hers started showing his presence and the world started noticing the difference. Then it was more than difficult for her to hold onto the promise. She did not give up and say…”What more can I do…I’m just throwing him down the Nile…After all, at one point or the other, I need to obey the commands of the King”. Though she was not sure what she was doing, or what the outcome be…she tried to protect God’s promise..She took an ark of bulrushes, coated it with slime and pitch and laid the child in and floated him across the banks of River Nile. How did she think that the boy would be safe?? What if a wild animal saw the basket? She might be the one who asked Moses’ sister to stay far from the ark and keep an eye on it.

When she decided to protect God’s promise in whatever way she could…God laid His plans for the child in its order. That exact time, Pharaoh’s daughter came down for a bath and saw the basket. As soon as she opened it, she knew that it was a forbidden Jewish child, but instead of taking her father’s law into action; God put a favor in her heart towards that child. Pharaoh’s daughter could have made some arrangements to nurse this child…after all she is a princess…but at that perfect time, God put a courage in Moses’ sister’s heart to come forward and offer her help in finding a mother for the child. We know the story, Moses’ mother was paid for nursing her own child. Not only that she raised her son under the protection of the Nation, she saw him alive, when all the other mothers wept for their children.

Just like Moses’ mother, you and me realized how divinely beautiful our promise were the day we received it. But how many of us, took the nerve to hold onto it in the midst of impossibilities…even when our lives itself were in danger. Each day passed by…there were many visible and invisible circumstances that made us realize that this promise is alive and living in our midst when the world outside thought otherwise. But  one day, when it became difficult to hold onto it…Did you decide to give it up?? To throw it in the same Nile where the enemy tried all these years to destroy God’s plan? Or did you make the decision to use the same means…but protect your promise so that the waters of destruction will not enter into your basket of prayer? Did you decide to coat it with hope and faith so that there wont be any tiny hole for the enemy to sneak in and kill God’s purpose?

If you have come this far and arranged watchmen to guard your promise…God will do the rest. He will arrange people to pass unexpected times…open doors that you never thought you would enter into…and reward you for holding onto your promise in spite of your negative circumstances. Even the normal norms of this world will be accompanied by God’s rewards and you will see with your own eyes…the purpose of God being raised within your arm’s reach…You will be an important part in God’s plan of redeeming His people from decades of bondage to the freedom of promised land.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. God has just spoken about me.Halleluyah!!!
    May He increase our faith in Jesus Name.More anointing in Jesus Name ma.God Bless

  2. Hi Rani, what a great post! Here is a verse which God gave me a couple weeks back which I understand to be my verse for the year, which I am sure your other readers will find strength in. It is a direct confirmation of the last paragraph of your post. God has a plan and purpose for your life in 2012. Don’t just go through the motions of another year, keep walking forward with faith in your heart, and remember as God spoke to his people in 2 Chronicles. 20:15 – “Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” So remind yourself today, He is going before us and fighting battles on our behalf. Rest in him while boldly stepping out in faith.

  3. Well, I’m joining in and thanking you and praising Him for this word! 🙂 God bless you, sweet Rani, the beloved of her King!

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