Posted by: springsinthedesert | January 25, 2012

Rest In His Promises Because He Is At Work

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my friends in which she shared how God spoke to her about resting in His promises. Contents of that mail stayed in my mind the whole day…and I kept on asking Lord to give me a word to encourage her while she waited on her promise. And at night, while flipping through my Bible, I came across the book of Ruth and a verse caught my attention…and I knew this word is not only for her, but myself and many others out there.

Ruth 3:18 says, “Then said she, Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall: for the man will not be in rest, until he have finished the thing this day.”

We know the context. Naomi is back in Bethlehem with her daughter in law. In chapter 3, we read Naomi asking Ruth to go to Boaz,  so that he will take care the responsibility of Ruth as the nearest redeemer. She obeyed her mother in law and did exactly as she said. At night, Boaz found Ruth at his feet and promised her that he’ll do what ever he can in the morning. In those days, if a man dies, the closest relative is supposed to redeem his inheritance and that includes his family too. Ruth’s husband had a closer relative. But if he failed to perform his duty towards the widow…then Boaz agreed to do the responsibility of the next nearest kinsman.  Seeing Ruth, Naomi is telling her “Wait, my daughter, until you learn how the matter turns out, for the man will not rest but will settle the matter today.”

There is a lot of spiritual truth behind the book of Ruth. But today, I would like to describe few thoughts from that verse. Waiting is not a never ending season of your life, though it always seems like one. Today, I would like to encourage all those are in that season with this..”Rest, my child…until you know how it turns out, because your nearest kinsman will not rest until he has finished your matter in His day”

If He has asked you to be still and relax in His promises…do it. I know its the most difficult thing to do. When he said to be still…does he mean completely still,,,do I need to do something at least…some steps of faith at least..All these questions may rise in our minds..But  if you look at the lives of the Israelites, there were times in their lives when God asked them to stand back in their positions and see the deliverance of God. Do not forget that there were other times when they were asked to fight the battle in faith and see the victory. In all those times,  victory was attained by God, but they were expected to show a measure of be still at some times and  to act other times.

If we look at the key verse, we ‘ll see that there is a time limit to wait and that is until you see the result. So there is an outcome for this waiting period. But don’t think that when you are at rest, the promise keeper is also keeping still. He is at work. He wants to give you rest while he is working in favor of you..He is arranging everything in place for you…right circumstances, right people, right doors….best opportunities. Your matter is important for Him. He cannot find rest until He takes care of your stuff. His day is coming, even though you may not see it today.

When you are resting in His promises, you may not see anything moving in favor of you…Let me share something from my own life to explain that. Two years back, my husband got a job opportunity from a client he is working for. He was in a consulting position at that time. We had a promise from God that He is going to open a new door in his job and when this opportunity came up, we thought this is that promise being fulfilled. Every thing was worked out well, but at the end that door was closed. We were in a desperate condition. We even thought whether we heard it right from God. If it was a promise…then how come it did not work out…after all we did not go after it…that opportunity just came to us. It took us some time to accept things just the way it was. But during those rainy days, God asked us to be still and wait for His promise. The senior managers who gave my husband that opportunity moved out of the project and we thought…now there are no more chances.

But then last year, one of his managers got a bigger position in another company and moved out. While going , he asked my husband whether he would like to join. Long story short…today my husband is working for that company. A much better opportunity than that closed door…something that we could have never dreamed of. While we were resting in His promise..He was working in favor of us. He settled our matter in His perfect day.

Today, if He is asking you to be still…relax and remain still…Till when?? until you receive what He has promised..Remember Your redeemer cannot rest until he settles your matter…You have been at His feet and He has redeemed you paying the full price. You are His inheritance and He will do His responsibility as the nearest kinsman. So be strong…your promise is coming.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. The watching and waiting that Jesus told us to do is the hardest part of obedience! It would be so much easier we think to just come up with a solution and work on the problem! But we are to watch and wait for Him, for His answer! 🙂

  2. What an encouraging word, dear Rani! You bless me! Thanks and love!

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