Posted by: springsinthedesert | January 10, 2012

Enjoy Your Inheritance

The Word of God is full of details. Some are explained so well that anyone can understand…some are hard to understand unless the Holy Spirit reveals the meaning to us…some go unnoticed because we think them as mere illustrations of a specific event. But I believe that each word mentioned in the Bible is there for a purpose…it is written by the Holy Spirit so that it will have an impact upon our life. When you receive and apply the word of God in your life…then mere letters comes into life.

Today, reading through a scripture, I came across few verses which would otherwise go unnoticed. I knew that Holy Spirit wanted me to write something when I could not stop going back to it over and over. For today’s devotion, I would encourage you to read the first chapter of Judges. After the death of Joshua, the people of Israel ;tribe by tribe were called to possess the land allotted for them. God did not promise them to have their inheritance to be free of inhabitants. There were people living in those lands…Israelites were supposed to fight them and win the battle, but the promise was that the victory was already won for them or in other words the land was already given to them in spite of the enemies. But God had asked them to destroy the prior inhabitants completely from the land. Not only that, they were asked to destroy the idols of the land.

If you read  the first chapter, you will understand that some of the tribes failed to obey what God had asked them to do. They did not completely destroy the Canaanites who were living in the land. Because of that, they had to live along with their enemies in their own inheritance. If you carefully read those verses you will know one important fact that the Israelites had to live among the Canaanites. It was as though the land still belonged to the Canaanites and the Israelites were given the favor of living in their land, even when the inheritance belonged to the Israelites. Some of the tribes when they grew in power and strength over the Canaanites, repurposed their resources and used them to be their laborers….but again they had to be among them when God promised a land without the Canaanites.

Today, I would like to point out the first failure in disobeying God. They lived in their own land as foreigners. The areas where God had already given them the victory were not fought completely and the enemy took over the control of their inheritance. When God promised them a land free of enemies, they had to live a compromised life with the Canaanites.

My dear reader, when God asks us something, how is our response to it? Do we obey him completely or are we just like the Israelites listening half of it and then turning the rest into our own conveniences? When we do that, the enemy takes control of our inheritances…He tends to live with us and slowly take our inheritance as his possession. We give excuses for our partial obediences   and forget that we are finally among the Canaanites in our own land.

What is that He is asking you today?? Whatever it is..obey Him completely and enjoy the inheritance.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Thank you God.God bless you ma.

  2. Thank you, Rani! Another good message and one to take to heart and do! love and prayers!

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