Posted by: springsinthedesert | January 2, 2012

A Promise For This New Year

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed New Year. God gave me a promise for this year and I would like to share that with you all. I pray and hope that everyday of this year will be a new experience with God.

On December 29th, while sitting down for prayer, God led me to the scripture of Isaiah 43. That whole chapter seemed to be like a promise…It reminded me about God’s protection, His purpose and finally His predestined plan. I started reading the whole chapter again and again and few verses kept on ringing in my mind…and I could not stop thinking about it. I felt the Holy Spirit prophesying to my soul about all the things He has in store for us. It was a wonderful feeling when few people testified quoting the same verse during the watch night service…I knew then and there it was God confirming the promise for me. Here we go..

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing!Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

Last year might had been a tough year for most of us. Lots of disappointments, failures, losses, pain and troubles. But God wants to remind you…Do not remind yourselves the things that you have not attained this last year..Do not think about the hurts that each day brought…Do not remember the failures that you had to go through even when you had a promise from God…Just forget about it.Do not dwell there. What is the meaning of ‘dwell’….dictionary says ‘to remain as a resident’.  When do you feel like residing in a place…When that place gives you comfort…when you enjoy the circumstances there…when everything about it appeals to you. God says…Do not pamper your yesterdays…do not choose to remain in those failures…do not set your mind on those discouragements..Do not keep on going back to the memory of those rainy days. Make an effort to come out of it. Because God has a different plan for you this year.

When God asks you to move….there is a new beginning in store. If you carefully read that verse, you will understand that the new thing that He has promised  you is already planned and predestined…It doesn’t mean that God has suddenly thought of a better way for you than all your yesterdays…This new thing has already been ready for you…but it is being visible to you just NOW. In other words..the promise that had been yours for many long years is going to be visible…its going to be are going to feel it with all your senses.

The wilderness that you thought is going to be dry and tiresome is going to receive the freshness and coolness of a spring…where there is a spring..there is life…there is flow..there is newness…The wasteland that you thought is never going to be useful or productive is going to receive the luxury of a stream and is going to be the first step of abundance.

The impossibilities of the past year is going to be possible this year..God’s hand is going to work in those areas of disappointments. How? I do not know…But God says..Do you not perceive it ??

Today, do you receive it in faith? I receive it and has taken a decision that everyday I’ll remember this verse because I believe that everyday will be a new beginning. Let not your limitations…your past failures, circumstances, understanding, your analysis of that problem….let nothing limit God. See in faith that its coming…Because Your God is determined to do it for you no matter what..Isaiah 43:13 says   When I act, who can reverse it?”

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. I believe this was a great promise for 2012!
    He has given me a revelation and promise of LOVE….to understand His LOVE! Hallelujah~

  2. Hi Rani,

    Someday I must share with you in more detail. God has shown me what I have been through the last year and a half is what Job went throught. I lost everything, my business, family, friends all my personal posessions and of the business all the items were repossed. Lots of debtors trying to get money from me etc. Before this happend a friend of mine who worked for me came to know the Lord, and then satan took over, and before this all happened God said to me, ‘Be prepared to loose your business and your friendship with your friend in order to get back to the place where you were. It has been a year and a half from hell, but all the time God has been protecting me and guiding me and He speaks to me Oh so much!. About two months ago now, the depression and financial was so bad that I cried out to God, If You love me, why do you let me suffer like this?. And a few seconds later I hear the words ‘ It is over’ a couple of time, and then ‘I will make a way for you’. And since then I have had so much business that I can breath slightly again. And the verse of yours today is confirmtation, yet once again! And a message from God that He is bringing me out of the desert and into the promised land. I got this same verse again a few weeks after I heard those words. There is so much I can share with you. So much. One verse I also got a lot was Jerimiah 29:11. I must have got this about 15 times through various resourses over this last year and a half. And I received another message of prosperity the other day, and it is so amazing. Please go read it ‘ 2 Corinthians 9:9-15. In all this God has also called me to set up a Non-profit organisation to reach people in Africa through missionary and ministry. I have created a Give back page on my company website in the mean time. But there is more.. that He will use me for casting out demons and healing as well.. So much I can share… so much…Your weekly devotionals.. they have been spot on as I have been lead through and out of this. Spot on! And they have been my confirmation and voice of reason. Thank you for your sharing your gift, as your devotionals are Glory to Our Heavenly Father! Please let me hear back from you as I would like to correspond more regulary with you.

  3. Ps when I say I lost the family and friends, I don’t mean they died 🙂 I lost them out of my life.

  4. I love thinking of each day as a new thing, not just the year. That gets me more excited and focused on Him and what He is doing. Thank you so much, Rani, and God bless the new thing He is doing for you!

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