Posted by: springsinthedesert | December 28, 2011

A Star…Leading You To The Right Place

Couple of days back, while asking for a direction of God regarding a need in my life, the Lord led me to a scripture which is very familiar and so appropriate for the season. In the Gospel of Mathew chapter 2,we read about the birth of Jesus. There we read about the the wise men being led by a star.

Following the star,they  started their journey in search of the king of Jews. It was their assumption that this child who is a king should be born no where else but in a palace and so they went straight to  king Herod. But we do not read that this star led them to the palace or in other words to the places of human thinking or assumptions. The king Herod summoned his chief  priests and scribes and asked them to find the place where Christ will be born and they all directed to Bethlehem. According to his instruction the wise men who came in search of the king of Jews continued their journey to Bethlehem and the star went in front of them until they came to the place where they saw Jesus with his mother.

Imagine how difficult it would have been if this star were  not there . They would have searched for this child knocking door by door. Their desire to worship this king would have fainted if they had to search house after house. But this star who led them to start this journey to find the king of Jews did not leave them in between, but continued until they met what they were in search of.

When I read this scripture, I thought how exciting it would have been if I had a star or some kind of sign which led me to the thing that I’m searching for. Then I would  know for sure that this is exactly where I should be and life would have been much more easier that way. Then suddenly something in me whispered " You do have a star and that is the presence of the Holy Spirit ". He is a wonderful counselor and will lead me to the right place. In our journey , we might end up in places like the king Herod’s palace in search of the right one, but they are only the stops of our understanding and human wisdom. That is not the final destination or the right place you have been searching for. You will not see the leading of the Holy Spirit in those places. But as soon as you are outside the four walls of human assumptions and under the  will of God, the star will be present again guiding you to the exact place where you will find the desire of your heart.

Today are you out there in search of something, a long waited desire of yours that was the inspiration for this journey? If you have started that journey under the will of  God, then you will feel the presence of God leading you. The paths might not be that familiar and the journey could be tiresome. But you can be sure that you will see what you have been hoping for. Sometimes, you and me might end up in places where you do not feel the presence of God. When you are there, just examine whether you are under the roofs of our own assumptions and understanding rather than the openness and freedom of God’s will. When you take the step to move  forward and continue our journey once again trusting in the will of God….then magically this star appears and will lead you until you have reached your final destination.

So today, I pray that this star… the presence of God…the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit lead you to the right place…to the desire of your heart that you have been carrying all through.

God Bless

Rani John



  1. Rani, I am taking this as the message He wanted me to share with someone else, as well as myself. Thank you for your faithfulness to bring us what He gives to you! God bless you and yours and the place where He desires you to be.

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