Posted by: springsinthedesert | November 16, 2011

He Is Waiting For You…

When they landed, they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread.

           John 21:9

It was a very long night for Peter and his fellowmen. Jesus had died and even though He had well equipped them for His death, they were not prepared to face the truth. They could not handle the pressure from the Jews..They could not think about a future without Jesus on their side. Peter was all the more troubled..because he did not even get a chance to confess his sin of betrayal. He could never forget that look Jesus gave him on that night when the rooster cried the third time and the words uttered from his mouth. “If only, I could ask forgiveness to my Lord”, Peter thought. The burden was so severe that he did not want to do anything else but longed to go back to his old

It was at that time, after that whole night of fruitless labor , Jesus appeared to them and asked them whether they had any fish. When they said ‘No’, He asked them to lower the net on the right side and they did get many. They were so familiar with that type of miracle and they knew that it was none other than Jesus. I cannot comprehend their joy in few words..I believe they would have leaped with joy and some of them would have jumped out from the boat…They would have somehow struggled to pull the net and ran to meet Jesus..and when they reached the shore, they were welcomed by a coal of fire on which Jesus was preparing fish and bread. I’m sure that it might have been the best breakfast they ever had.

Jesus had just resurrected from dead. He has fulfilled his purpose for this entire  generation and He is about to go back to His father…He is glorified and risen…and yet He prepared breakfast???? Oh…the love of my Jesus is beyond our understanding right? The Lord of Lords, King of Kings, the risen one, the Lion of Judah…prepared their breakfast. He knew the right thing for his disciples at that time…Its not any kind of instruction, any kind of advice, any kind of testimony…but a hot breakfast and a coal of fire. He knew that after a long night of labor, they were physically even before strengthening them spiritually, they need to be fed physically.

Dear child, God knows your immediate needs. He has mighty plans for you in your future…but even before instructing you in that matter, He need to address some of your immediate hunger…some things that concerns your physical well being. It might be some kind of material or physical need…or it can be spiritual need..No matter what, God wants to address that first before going further. For the purpose ahead, you need to be strengthened and your current condition is important to Him.

Just like the disciples, even when I knew that my purpose is to serve Christ, I have often taken my boat and decided to go fishing for my own needs….to meet my desires in this world…. But God says that He is concerned about what I am up to….you know why, because He is concerned about me. He knows that I’m in need. He will address that matter first even before using me for a greater purpose in His Kingdom.

A coal of fire and a hot breakfast is waiting for you…Our needs might be different…but our God knows the best. He is waiting for us to come back from that sea. He has seen that fruitless efforts…He is saying…”Lower your nets and you will catch many”. He need not have done  that miracle for the disciples. After all, they all are going to be great teachers and leaders of Christianity…what will they do with this 153 large be exact?? The things that we struggle for right now, may not be that useful for our future with Jesus and His Kingdom….but by addressing those needs and providing them with a miracle, God wants to strengthen us physically and spiritually so that you and me will always trust in this God who provides. So jump in…Have that hearty breakfast with Jesus…near that coal of fire made specially for you. Enjoy!!

In Him,

Rani John



  1. thank you! I am seeing this in my life! God bless you and give you a hug from me today!

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