Posted by: springsinthedesert | November 9, 2011

The Real YOU…Revealed

There were incidents in my life when God will ask me to talk to certain people regarding specific things in their life. Sometimes I hesitate to do so and reason to God saying that “I’m no body to deal with their personal decisions and have no right to change their attitudes regarding the beliefs they have”. But once while saying a similar excuse, God spoke to me so clearly..”You may not be able to change their beliefs, but your words will make them think…whether what they believe is truly right or wrong…and rest is the work of the Holy Spirit”. And that day, I did exactly what the Holy Spirit asked me…I do not know the result yet..because its HIS job…but I’m glad I did my part.

That day, when Holy Spirit asked me to talk to that person…I was confused and asked God to show me a scripture which will confirm my thoughts. And He directed me Mark 9. Today’s devotion is all about how God uses His word and certain situations in our lives to bring forth the actual faith in us. In the Gospel of Mark chapter 9, we read about Jesus healing a boy possessed with an impure spirit. The father brought the boy to the disciples, but they could not drive out the impure spirit and finally the boy was brought to Him. Jesus seeing the boy possessed, asked the father..”How long has he been like this"?”

When I read that scripture, I thought..What a question! As though Jesus did not know how long. Why did he still ask the question? That question really made the father put into words the severity of his son’s condition. The duration of his misery…how worse it is…not only that but about all of his past failed attempts to be healed. When the severity of his condition was exposed, another thing was also brought forth…and that was the unbelief of his father. He said…”If you can do anything, please help us Jesus”.

Though this man brought his son to Jesus, deep down in heart..this was yet another chance of healing. And he was not sure whether he will go back home with his healed son..Just a try..thats all. Looking back into his impossibilities and prior failures..hope was dead and faith was very weak. Jesus knew the condition of the boy…but he could not ignore the condition of his father’s heart and so he asked “How long?”. Jesus said, “If you can? Everything is possible for the one who believes”. The boy’s father understood that his unbelief stood in the way of his son’s healing and when he made an attempt to correct his faith…the boy was healed.

This was more than enough for me to confirm His voice. He explained to me through the scripture..just like that question brought forth that father’s true faith(actually the lack of it), some of the incidents, encounters, questions and the word of God will work deeply than you think. Sometimes it helps us put into words what we really have in mind…it helps us point to the actual brings forth the actual faith we have..whether we have a lack of it or a great faith.

I would like to continue this thought next day, showing you another incident where Jesus, through a very unappealing conversation, brought forth a woman’s great faith. Today, if Holy Spirit is asking you to start a conversation, raise a question, share  a word…or sometimes even keep silence…be more than willing to do so..because it has greater impact on the other person than you think. And if today, you are that person at the receiving end…remember that some questions are asked so that the right answers will be framed within you…some incidents are that the actual condition is revealed…and some circumstances are there in your way so that its time to bring forth the actual YOU. Whether it reveals your lack of faith or a greater faith…you have an are at His presence and will not go empty-handed….but will walk home with your deliverance.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Thank you, Rani. This is truly ministering to me. Recently I have been asked to say somethings to people, some of whom I don’t really even know. ! One friend cried after she read what I felt God wanted her to know. I wanted to rush in with something more, something comforting . . .but He asked me to just stay silent for now. God bless you as you bring us what He asks you to.

  2. Once again I can’t believe how your blog relates so directly to my situations, thank you!

  3. I need God to help my unbelief. I feel like my faith has gone from better to worse with so many disappointments after believing (or at least thinking I was believing) … My heart can’t bear the burden of walking in faith any longer… feel like giving up but can’t really. I still believe but it is like hope for a far off time. I can never believe today is the day… I’ve tried. I wish I lived in Bible times so I could just go talk to Jesus and see Him directly instead of having to be prayed for by other believers for healing… then I know I’d believe if He helped me.

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