Posted by: springsinthedesert | November 7, 2011

Natural To The Supernatural

Last Friday, while attending a prayer meeting, I was flipping through my Bible and came across a passage which was very familiar to me. As a young child, I loved to read the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. I used to be so amazed thinking how those ferocious wild animals were so tamed and calm before a man for the whole night. Years back if I were so attracted by the illustration and the wonderful ending of the story,  today I’m more amazed by the spiritual truths behind the scripture.

While reading through the scripture Daniel 6, God led my attention to those lions. They are ferocious by nature…They are wild animals and hard to be tamed. The moment Daniel was put in the den, they would have ripped him into pieces if the creator had not intervened. We read that an angel came and shut the mouths of the lions so that they will not dare to even smell God’s servant. In my imagination, I see them hungry, walking and sniffing around..yet they listened to the angel and closed their mouth. But when we read verse 24, we see that,  after Daniel was taken out of the den safe and without any harm, the King put those men who had falsely accused Daniel into the lions’ den, along with their wives and children. And before they reached the floor of the den, the lions overpowered them and crushed all their bones. What a difference in their natural behavior!!

God reminded me a spiritual truth behind that story. When satan  tries to plot evil against a child of God, it would be always in regard to our relationship with God. His aim is to bring a dark spot in that relationship. For that, he is ready to play all kinds of dirty tricks…He will try stealing our blessings…so that we will start questioning the Giver…He will try messing up with our health so that we will doubt the healer…He will lead us to all kinds of fear so that we will forget about His promise and look unto our unfavorable circumstances. He will lead us to all kinds of situations which is dangerous and harmful in their natural behavior. But every time, he forgets that he might be successful in putting us in those deadly situations…but our God is faithful enough to sustain us in those unfavorable circumstances and strong enough to take us out of those situations without any harm. The same situations which the enemy thought would destroy us spiritually, were used by God as a stepping stone to our next level of faith…

A child of God is not always exempt from a lion’s den experience…but God turns those deadly natural behaviors of those situations into something out of natural so that while coming out, you and me have a testimony to say that those scary circumstances were just another incident to understand the favor of heaven for His child.

Dear reader, how many times have we gone through similar experiences? How often have we seen the world going through the same circumstances and perishing? What is so different in us that we not only went through them, but came out so victorious? There is nothing in us to boast about…its just the mercy of God and the heaven working out God’s favor for His people…He turns out the natural to the supernatural…He changes the impossible to possible…He calms the ferocious to the tamed….That is why when we are taken out from the lion’s den, no wound could be seen and when carried out from the burning furnace, fire could not harm us.

Today, no matter what your situation is…you are there just because He is there with you..The situation is otherwise so deadly…but just because His presence is there in that scorching feel safe and peaceful. The enemy just tries to push us into situations…but we have the deliverer who not only sustains us through it, but brings us out of it so victoriously that the enemy will see and be ashamed. No harm will be done…no wound to be will come out victorious just because we serve a God who turns the natural to the supernatural. Trust Him.


Rani John



  1. Oh Rani . . .loved this. Very humbling and encouraging all at the same time! God bless you and thank you for your obedience to bring us these devotions! love you!

  2. God bless you for this post!! and thank you Lord for speaking to me through it. I love this blog so much 🙂

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