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Be Different

Last week God enabled me to write about the zeal of Phinehas. I was planning to write its continuation the next day,but due to some personal commitments I could not find time to write further.Please feel free to go back to the previous post to get the clear understanding about today’s devotion.

When we read numbers 25,we come across a man named Phinehas who were zealous for the living God.Phinehas could not take the sexual immorality and idol worship that became the lifestyle of the Israelites and he took the laws into his hands and killed two people involved in sin in front of the congregation. We read there that he received God’s favor for taking away His wrath and so was rewarded the perpetual priesthood and the covenant of peace not only to him ,but also to his generations.

Can we justify the act of Phinehas ? Do you think that it was right to take the law into his own hands? I’m more interested to describe the passion he had rather than judging his actions.  Let me explain what God taught me through Phinehas.

He was separated from the world

What was so special about Phinehas is that he was different from all others in his generations. Though he was living in a corrupt environment of sin and Baal worship, he had the laws of God in his heart and was ready to follow them at any cost. He guarded himself from all kinds of temptations.In this sinful world, how are we different from others? Do we indulge ourselves in activities that are not pleasing to God? In our current spiritual world, are we thinking just like any other believer or are we carrying the thinking of the lord?

He had the courage to act for what he believed

When all the Israelites were mourning over the punishment that God had ordered, Phinehas showed the courage to act in response to his belief. He was not passive about his beliefs. How often do we come across injustice, malpractices and sinful behaviors? We tend to ignore them or react less thinking that we do not have much say in that situation. Don’t we? Forget about the world, even in the spiritual realm, we fail to portray what we believe thinking that it would hurt others involved and completely miss the opportunity to please God.

He was able to move God

          Don’t misunderstand me reading the heading..let me explain…God was so furious against the Israelites and wanted to just punish them all…Phinehas’ act just changed God’s thinking and turned His anger away from the Israelites. Just one act of ours is more than enough for God to change His thinking about a circumstance…Can you just imagine that? Your heartfelt prayer for that unreached soul can change God’s purpose about that person. Your obedience in a particular thing can just change God’s favor towards you.

He carried the heart of God

In Numbers 25, verse 11, we read that Phinehas carried the zeal of God.In other words, he would do exactly the same things as God would do in response to a particular situation. Being a Christian, do we carry the heart of God? Are we willing to forgive just like our savior forgave those who persecuted him? Are we willing to love the unloved? Can we offer to help someone out of the way even when we know that there is nothing to be expected in return?

He provided the atonement for his people

His act provided the atonement for his fellow beings. What about us? Are we able to stand in the gap and provide deliverance for those who are perishing?

This thought had been an answer to one of my questions . I was not satisfied with what I’m doing for the Lord…I wanted to do more…I wanted to have more opportunities to proclaim the love of God…but in my current circumstance…with a little one at home…the things that I used to do itself was becoming a minimum…And God said…be different in your generation…just like Phinehas…Sometimes, that is more than enough…better than preaching to millions…better than having a ministry…He rewards for being different..and carrying the zeal of God.

In Him,

Rani John



  1. Thank you for making real effort to set apart time and sharing your thoughts.Many of us believe today that a successful ministry is one which have millions of membership, television broadcasts, magazines with numerous photographs of the ‘minister/s’, etc. Yet, there are many who are not known by the world but striving to spread the gospel of Jesus in remote areas of the globe.Although the areas are remote enough not to be known by the world, the ministers of the gospel are being killed, burned and maimed.
    Do not be complacent my sister with what you are doing but aim higher.What you are doing is a GREAT thing as for now. May God open doors for greater things in your life. Susan


  3. You have certainly heard from Him and thank you for challenging us to be different. I am taking this to Him in prayer! God bless you and your sweet family!

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