Posted by: springsinthedesert | September 15, 2011

“Lord, If Its You….Ask Me To Come”

Couple of weeks back, God fulfilled a promise He has given to our family two years back. All I can say is that…The long wait , the closed doors, the dark roads and the ridicules of the people who never understood our stand of faith….everything was worth it. To finally see the promise fulfilled in a miraculous way which our God alone can do make me cherish the moments even better. Its not the answered prayer that makes me love Him more…But the ways He worked to honor His children and fulfill His word in spite of all the impossibilities makes me know Him deeper and worship Him for who He is.

To be frank…there were ups and downs in that waiting season of ours…Doubts in the long waited promise,  anxiety about the impossibilities, frustrations of the uncertainties …Ahhh. In spite of all our shortcomings, God has been faithful in His word…and made that happen no matter what. Whenever we were down, He will speak to us through the word of God and that sustained us. And today’s devotion is one of the thoughts that He gave me while I was sinking deep in despair. Hope this would be a blessing to many in need.

Mathew 14:22-33 is a very familiar passage. There we see Jesus walking on the lake towards His disciples’ boat buffeted by the waves. Seeing Him, they were terrified and cried out, “It is a ghost”. Understanding their fear, Jesus said, “Take courage, It is I. Don’t be afraid”. Next verse is my topic…Peter said, “Lord if its you, tell me to come to you on water”.

Many a times, we say the exact same thing as Peter. Even when we know for sure that it is Jesus walking towards our swayed boats of life….we doubt…”Lord, is it truly you…Are you sure you are in control…Will you be able to calm down the unfavorable circumstances that I’m facing???” And just like Peter, if we are sure about Jesus who is in control, then we’ll have the courage to take the risk…to walk on the challenges that we face…forgetting about the raging waves, not worrying about the wind that knock you down, not considering the depth of the circumstances that drown you.

“Come”, Jesus said and Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water towards Jesus. He is about to have an experience of a lifetime…He is about to do the impossible…something that Jesus did…something that nobody else have ever tried. And that is the result of an assurance that JESUS IS IN CONTROL.

Today, are you buffeted by the waves…Are you there doubting God’s presence in that swaying life of yours? If you cry out to Him, He will cast out your fear and give you the assurance of His presence. And that will give you the courage to do the impossible…to take that risk…to move forward and take that first step of faith…to get down from the comfort zones and walk over the challenges..There might be times when you think you are drowning….but Jesus is right there to reach out and hold you. Together, you both are going to walk to the boat…but this time the circumstances changed. The wind is calm…just favorable enough for the boat to move further..the waves are perfect which make their sail smooth and easy. You are with Him, back in your comfort zones..but with a fulfilled desire…an experience of a lifetime, and an adventure possible only because of HIM.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Rani, I thank God for your life and ministry. What an apt message for me! My wait is not just two years, though. I am still waiting upon Him who makes impossible things possible. We too need to get the answer for the question, “Is it of You o Lord?” in certain decisive situations. When people ridicule us for being what we are, it pains. They think we are fools to wait upon this our Lord. We are looking upon Him for just one word or just a touch from Him on our situation. Yes, at times there are doubts, anxieties, and frustrations around us. I thank God for the answer we received last week on an uncertain situation which was a real impossibility from man’s point of view. May His name be praised. I am still awaiting the breakthrough He sends us by constantly reminding myself that those who hope in the Lord will never be put to shame.
    Thank you once again, my sister, for uplifting us who read your post. May the blessings of God Almighty be upon you and your fami

  2. Oh God of all flesh,I equally still believe in you.Iam happy for you and your family ma.God is your strength in Jesus name.AMEN.Temidire

  3. What a precious word and encouragement, Rani! My how He speaks through you! love and prayers!

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