Posted by: springsinthedesert | August 19, 2011

Your Portion Of Inheritance Is Waiting….

Today’s devotion was given to our family as a promise couple of months back and I was waiting to write about it for so long. But I feel that Holy Spirit delayed it until today just because someone out there needs to hear this at this exact moment. And I praise God for His timing.

In Joshua chapter 18, we read about the division of the rest of the land among the remaining seven tribes of Israelites who has not yet taken the possession of the land.Caleb received his portion of Canaan just as promised by God  and all the other tribes of Israel were allotted their inheritances in the promised land. But in Joshua 18, verse 2, we read that there were still seven tribes who had not yet received their inheritance. What happened to them? Why didn’t they take their inheritance?

Next verse explains the reason. Joshua says, “How long will you neglect to go and possess the land which the LORD God of your fathers has given you?” So does that mean that they delayed to inherit their promise due to mere negligence?? If so, how sad it is to remain in tents when God has promised settlement in their own inheritances?

This is so true in our spiritual lives too. God has promised us certain inheritances in Him. They are separated for us with our names written on it right from the time we started our journey from Egypt. Even when all others have possessed their portion of the promise…we are still wandering in tents…unsettled…and uncertain. We are right in front of our promise…but something prevents us from taking hold of it and making it ours. What could be the reason?

Holy Spirit directed me to two reasons and I would like to explain. First reason could be the lack of assurance in the allotted portion of the inheritance. In other words, one is not sure whether that portion of the inheritance is surely his or not. And that confusion or rather doubt in his inheritance will prevent him from possessing it. This question will always rule in his heart..”What if its not meant for me???What if it is not God’s will to receive that?” . We think and waist our time when all this while that portion of the inheritance was waiting just for us.

Another reason to delay the fulfillment of the promise is our mere negligence. The seven tribes of Israelites might have been comfortable with their lives in their tents. They have seen the other tribes working hard to possess their allotted land. Some had to fight with the mighty living in the land…they had to drive the enemy away..destroy the enemies possession in the land…All this took effort and pain.

Why all these uncomfortable places and hardships when their needs are met by other brethren who already took their possessions? They felt so comfortable in their tents…and thus neglected their promise. For a believer, the fulfillment of a promise takes effort…One may have to go through hardships, fight the enemy on knees…shed tears in prayers…Its not easy to finally inherit the land that is promised…But the fear of the battle should not prevent us from receiving the land promised. No one can stand against when God is with us.

Are you one among them who are still in the promised land ..yet to possess the inheritance. Ask Holy Spirit to explain the reason for the delay and resolve it with His help. Enough of temporary living in tents when the beautiful land is ours for settlement.

God Bless,

Rani John 



  1. Hi Rani,
    Reading your blog after a long time.I am blessed by reading your devotion today.
    smitha Thomas

  2. Thank you for encouraging us and urging us on, in Jesus!
    love you, Deb
    ps. this reminds me of a Chris Tomlin song, Our God!

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