Posted by: springsinthedesert | June 30, 2011

Ask And You Shall Receive

I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.( Mark 11:24 New Living Translation)

This particular thought had been in my mind for several weeks…but did not get an inspiration to write it. But the other day, one of my friends had send me an email which inspired me to put my thought into words. In my friend’s mail, she had mentioned how God had asked her to pray about something that she has never asked before. She thought for a while and asked for a purple flower at her doorstep and put her faith in it. It was so amazing to read how God brought that purple flower at her doorstep.

How often do we pray for simple things in life? We expect God to answer our prayers for bigger things..things which we are unable to handle, things which are beyond our possibilities…things which seems complicated. But we serve a God who is also interested in our simple requests…our child like desires, our everyday affairs. We think of God as a supernatural power seated high up in heaven answering to more serious prayers. Oh..the simple things of life…Does God really care about it??  He wants to see us applying faith for the simple requests just the way we pray for the most serious and frequent prayers.

I have a testimony to share in this matter..When I was conceived with my second child, God had given me a promise that she will be a compensated grace and a promise verse from the bible. One day, while praying, I just made a request…..not much of a thought went into it….just a quick prayer…”Lord, I see a lot of promised generations mentioned in the bible…and I also notice that for most of them, you have mentioned their names to their parents even before they were born…I’m glad you have given me a promise regarding this child…and I want you to tell me the name too”.

I wondered….What did I just ask God? Will He grant my request? Is it too much to ask Him or is it too little a thing to ask?? In spite of all these questions, I continued asking God the same thing…To be frank, I had faith that He will tell me the name during the initial months of my pregnancy. As Months passed by, I started doubting…Then slowly I started finding alternatives…I thought..the promise about her is that she will be a compensated grace…May be God has given me the name already..So I searched for names with the meaning ‘Grace’…but nothing felt appropriate. During the last month of my pregnancy, people started asking us about the name and they were surprised that we did not have one..And finally, we chose one..’Hanna’ which means ‘favored grace’. Somehow that name did not feel right….but what if God did not tell us?

People, we are the ones who find alternatives….What if God does not give us what we have asked for? What if He thinks that we are silly to ask such a thing from the Creator of this world? These are the questions that we ask often. Bur God is faithful even when we do not have faith in what we have asked for…During the last week of my pregnancy, one night I had a dream in which I saw a name ‘Cheryl’…The most amazing thing about that dream was that I saw the spelling of the name…and someone telling me…its not ‘Sheryl’…..the name does not start with ‘Sh’ but ‘Ch’….What an amazing God we serve!!

Bible says “I have called you by name”..My dear child of God, your name and your life is not just a coincidence…God knows you by name…Even before you are born, He knows the exact spelling of that name…

So there is nothing big or small in prayer..You can ask Him anything..a purple flower…a name..He sees your child like heart…If God has given you the smallest things of life….then why not a revival,  a healing,  a breakthrough, a husband free from addictions…He wants to see our faith increased..Ask and you shall receive it.



  1. Thank you, my motivator Rani! 🙂 I’m asking right now!
    love and prayers!

  2. Rani,
    Oh, how I missed your devotions!. I thank God for keeping you and bringing you back to encourage us all.


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