Posted by: springsinthedesert | June 27, 2011

Be A True Believer

"’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’

            Luke 10:27

{This was a post that I have published some time back..Today, while browsing through my previous posts, this title caught my attention..When I read it, I knew that it was the perfect thing I needed to hear..Today, was such a day for me…feeling so frustrated and troubled…worried and anxious…I couldn’t pray…yet I expressed my feelings to Him…but then I thought..After all He is my master, there is nothing hidden from Him…and He’ll understand…So when I read this post, I felt like reposting it..because I feel that there will be someone out there just like me}

Few months back, I had received a promise from God regarding a specific thing. And all these months, I waited expecting to see it fulfilled in my life. I had my own speculations and preconceived ideas about the time and the way in which that promise would be fulfilled and never asked God what it really meant. When all those expectations failed, my heart started questioning about the true meaning of that promise. It was not like doubting God and His word…but it was more like asking God to reveal the true meaning of that promise, rather than making my own assumptions about it. You know is ok to tell Him how you is ok to ask Him your questions…it is ok even if you have doubts…because God is not expecting a ‘super believer’, even though He would like to see us grow like Him..He knows that we are human..and He understands our shortcomings in faith. He is not there to judge us or condemn us..but to restore us to the faith that He is expecting from us.

For many days I acted as though I was very strong and not upset. And one day, I felt a sudden urge to cry out loud in my prayer..My heart felt lighter as I expressed my fears and questions…and then God started revealing to me the exact answer to my question. He made me understand the true meaning of the words that He used in my promise. He explained His purpose for me, my responsibility towards Him and the way in which He is going to fulfill that promise…but He left a surprise…never mentioned about the time it is going to be fulfilled. But I’m happy that He explained all this to me in spite of my not so perfect expression of faith.

Today, I would like to encourage you to be real with Jesus. Do not act like a hypocrite in your relationship with God.When I started being real with Jesus, I experienced His love towards me in explaining to me my inner thoughts which no body else was aware of. What if He finds me with a doubt? What if He thinks that I’m not that perfect in faith? All these questions prevent us from being real with Jesus. After all, He is our creator and we try to hide our emotions and questions from Him, covering ourselves with a veil of faith…..dressed up in that costume of a ‘super believer’. He knows that behind that costume, we are simple human flesh prone to sin and negative emotions.

Looking into the scripture, we see many people who expressed their feeling no matter what they felt. Let me tell you few examples. We read in the Gospels about Thomas…who could not believe that Jesus was risen until he saw His nail pierced hands and put his fingers in His wounds. We see about Peter who once was ready to die with Jesus, could not get the courage to witness about HIM in front of a small girl. Even Jesus, carrying that heavy cross fell many times on His way to crucifixion and cried in agony to His Father, “Lord, why have you forsaken me?” . Do you think that these expression of their emotions was the end of their faith life or God did not use them after that?? Definitely not right? We know that Jesus appeared to the twelve and especially showed His wounds to Thomas so that His faith will increase. Jesus, even after resurrection came to give Peter his responsibilities, in response to his repentance without condemning him for his betrayal. God the Father accepted His sacrifice of Jesus and gave Him all the authority in spite of expressing His feeling of solitude and rejection on that cross.

Today, I do not know how heavy your cross is..I cannot understand the questions you have in mind about your circumstances..Sometimes, you might be feeling rejected and unloved…forsaken and matter what you yourself to Him. God doesn’t want to see you put up a straight face of faith, while deep within you are crying because you have unanswered questions and doubts. Just like a small child who cannot hide anything from her parents…be truthful and real in that relationship with Him. Only the sick needs a physician and if He was in search of perfect people, I know I would not have been here.  Remember He is not raising super heroes..but true believers.  So let us be real.

In Him,

Rani John



  1. This is a precious word, dear Rani. In a round about way, it does apply to me today too. 🙂 In my case, I need to ask Him questions, to cry out, instead of being so passive, accepting, meek . . .but not always understanding what He would want me to understand . . .if only I would seek Him and ask. !
    God bless you and your faith and testimony in Him!
    love, deb

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