Posted by: springsinthedesert | June 16, 2011

Obeying Even When It Hurts

For today’s devotion, let me go to an old testament story which explains the act of obedience even better. I’m surprised…Its been a week and I am not yet done with the study on obedience. Hope all these thoughts are helpful for you in your walk with Jesus.

Obeying Even When It Hurts

We know the story of Abraham. God promised Abraham a son when he was almost seventy five years old. Twenty five years passed, yet he did not receive the promised son. But Abraham faithfully followed this God who called him to be His own. And when he was hundred, God gave him a son…What a joy it would have been to finally receive the promise.

If the long years of waiting was hard…here comes the next testing of his faith…to sacrifice the promise which he has waited for..To let go the only son he had.. Whenever I think of Abraham, I am amazed at the faith he had in God. He believed that this God who has given him a son from a lifeless hundred year old body is capable enough to even raise him from dead.

That morning of the sacrifice, Abraham would have got up with a heavy heart. What would have been going through his mind when he left his house? Each step up the mountain would have been really heavy. Looking to the eyes of his only child would have weighed him down…”Where is the sacrifice animal, father” , asked his only son..and it was as though a knife went through his heart.

When he laid the stones of the altar, his heart would have been pounding so fast…ohh, the look on Isaac’s eyes..when Abraham laid him on the altar…Did I wait these twenty five years to see this moment? What about the promise “You will be the father of many nations”??? What will I answer Sarah when I go back? How will I live the rest of my life????…All these questions must have raged through his mind….Yet…HE OBEYED.

Abraham knew that this God will provide…He knew that this God whom he serve could raise up his son from dead…He believed that Jehovah will never break his covenant with him. So he obeyed even though it did hurt him to the core.

Whenever I think about the obedience of Abraham, I shudder…Its not that easy…Its easy to write about it..and its easy to read it like a story…but in real life situations..its hard to give up what you cherish the most and be obedient to God. Where are we in obedience?? We may not be up in the ladder like Abraham..but are we at least ready to take the first step of that ladder of faith? To obey Him even when it hurts?? We need HIS help for lets run to HIM.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Running now, Rani! God bless you and yours and your obedience to Him!

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