Posted by: springsinthedesert | June 9, 2011

Obeying Even When It Seems Illogical

As a parent, one of the things that I try to tell my daughter is the importance of obedience in her life. I always feel that if a person has the willingness to obey to his higher authorities, then he will not have any problems in obeying God. Bible also talks about the importance of obedience. A small verse from John chapter 2 inspired me to meditate on obedience and write this devotion.

In the book of Hebrews, we read that without faith, no one can please God. If God is well pleased with faith, then the first step of faith is obedience and wherever His people has showed obedience, God has blessed them. Obedience is easy when the step God is asking us to take is understandable…but sometimes He asks us to take leaps of faith beyond our human understanding…and then obedience becomes a difficult step in our lives. Let me share with you few such acts of obedience mentioned in the Bible and how God has blessed them.

Obeying Even When It Seems Illogical

In the book of John, chapter 2, we read about the miracle at Cana. Jesus, His mother and His disciples were invited to that wedding. When Mary found out that there is no more wine left in that house, she went and told the servants to do whatever Jesus asks them to do. Jesus came and said to them, “Fill the water pots with water”. We read that they filled the pots to the brim.

Have they ever seen anything like that before? What would have been in their minds? It is WINE the house is lacking and water is completely different from wine..Did they know who Jesus was? No.But they obeyed…even when it seemed silly…Look at their obedience…They filled the water pots to the brim…not a quarter, not half…but to the brim.

Many a times, the obedience God expects from us is like that…He might be asking you to take a step that is beyond normal thinking…or it might be illogical to the people around you. But if you are willing to obey Him to its fullness, then you will see a miracle in its full measure. Remember, if the servants would have filled the water pots half..thinking that ‘water turning into wine’ has never happened before or its beyond understanding..then the measure of the wine that house received would have been less.

Today, if God is asking you to take a bold step of faith…then obey Him completely even though it seems illogical to you. You will receive a miracle in the same measure as your obedience.

I would be sharing few other acts of obedience in the coming days and hope that this meditation will be helpful for you in your walk with Jesus.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Faith through the unknown is always the hardest part, because we are so pron to fearing what we don’t understand. But to know Gods character is to know that He IS good and faithful to work it ( whatever it is) out for our good and His glory in the end. Still….. it can be hard to speak trust into the darkness.

  2. Thank you, Rani. My I’ve missed your devotions. 🙂 This one is so fitting for me and I find that where I once thought I was pretty obedient, He has showed me some areas where I have not been. 😦 So thankful for His grace and mercy . . .and for a chance to yet obey!
    God bless you!

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