Posted by: springsinthedesert | June 7, 2011

Obeying Heaven’s Call

Getting back to the routine of meditation and writing seems difficult these days with the little one at home. But I’m trusting in Him to do my best in everything I’m called to do. The other day, while reading from the book of Mathew, chapter 2, Holy spirit guided me to a revelation which inspired me to start writing after this very long break.

Mathew chapter 1 talks about the birth of Jesus. When Joseph heard that Mary was conceived, he decided to betray her privately. But the angel spoke to him about God’s purpose and plan behind this conception and Joseph yielded to the will of God. After Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Joseph was again met by the angel who directed him to flee to Egypt to escape the evil plots of Herod. We read in verse 14 that Joseph took the child and Mary by night and departed to Egypt.

When I read that verse, I was amazed at the obedience of Joseph. Accepting Mary in his life itself was a big thing. Now that the child is born, life has become even more rough for Joseph. I can understand how difficult it would have been for Joseph to take both his wife and the infant to a new place like Egypt….Especially when the duration of the stay is not informed in advance. Imagine yourself in the shoes of Joseph and think about all the arrangements and efforts he had to make to settle in a new place with a family not knowing where next.

Bible says that they stayed there in Egypt until the death of Herod. And thus the prophesy that "Out of Egypt have I called my son" was fulfilled. The intervention of heaven did not end in Joseph’s life there. He was again met by the angel who directed him to go to the land of Israel. God informed him about all the dangers ahead and asked him to move towards the parts of Galilee and he stayed in the city of Nazareth. Again that resulted in the fulfillment of another prophecy, "He shall be called Nazarene".

Joseph and Mary were two important people in God’s plan. Once Joseph decided to accept God’s purpose in his life, he was constantly guided by heaven…the places he has to go and the duration he has to stay in each place…everything was controlled by heaven. One thing that interested me was that Joseph, no matter where he was in life was in tune to the frequency of heaven. What if he did not heed to what the angel told him? What if he was not willing to go to Nazareth?

My dear child of God, when you and me are in God’s plan, we are constantly in heaven’s attention. The day you have decided to embrace God’s promise, He is watching you. The paths you need to take, the unfamiliar places you need to go…the people you come across…everything is in God’s plan. Just like Joseph, He wants us to be in tune with the voice of heaven and act accordingly without doubt..The paths we are called to take may be tough and scary..You might be asked to be in a place where you are uncomfortable…and some of us might be in a place for so long, wondering when is the next favorable change in our lives..but no matter where you are, remember that certain prophecies will be fulfilled at your obedience alone and the purpose you are called to do will be successfully performed with the assistance of heaven only if you are willing to listen to the will of God.

In Him,

Rani John



  1. Rani, thank you for this most precious word to us! How encouraging to know that we are being guided . . .we need not worry that we are not.
    God bless you and your time with Him and your family!

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