Posted by: springsinthedesert | June 6, 2011

His Faithfulness In Our Life

God in His everlasting faithfulness has given us a baby girl on April 7th. Both baby and I are doing fine. I take this opportunity to thank all my readers for their prayer support as well as their encouraging emails during these last few months.

I would like to share a testimony at this time.As many of you are aware , this blog was started according to a vision God gave me immediately after I had a miscarriage. One of the things that stood out in that vision was the time frame that I had to write the devotionals for and that was one year.

This blog was started around July 18th 2009 and I remember not even missing a day. God gave me fresh manna everyday and prompted me to write without skipping a day, Some time around September 2009, God had promised us that He will give us a generation and that will be a compensated grace. For many months, I did not understand the meaning of compensated grace. I thought this child will be like a compensation for what I have lost in miscarriage. Months passed by and I did not receive the grace that He had promised.

I started asking God to explain to me the true meaning of this word ‘compensation’ and in the month of June 2010, while I was sitting in a prayer meeting, God specifically spoke to me about this word ‘compensation’. He said, "Compensation is always given as a reward for the work you do…If an employee has taken extra effort and spent more time for the employer, then its the responsibility of the employer to compensate him for the efforts he has taken…It could be as a hike in the salary or some compensatory offs for the hours he had worked for the company. You are going to receive a compensation for the efforts you have made".

Even then, I did not understand it completely and waited patiently for His promise.  It might seem like a coincidence to many of you, but it was a real surprise to me when my doctor told me the date I have conceived our child and that was JULY 18th 2010…exactly one year after I started my blog. Our God whom we serve keeps His records…He knows all the extra hours you have spent for Him, all the sleepless nights you worked for Him. He keeps account of all the extra miles you have walked for Him. And He is faithful enough to reward you not according to our standards, but according to His riches and glory.

After that one year had passed, I asked God about His plans regarding this blog and continued writing. But had many breaks in writing due to the pregnancy. Now, after the little one is born, life has become really busy. But I want to continue writing as and when the Holy Spirit inspires me and I request your prayers in that matter.Once again, I thank God for all your valuable prayer support and depend on Him completely in faithfully carrying out what He has entrusted me to do.

God Bless,

Rani  John



  1. Dear Rani,

    I am so happy and amazed to hear your wonderful testamony. Your writings have always been so refreshing to me and I am so blessed to hear how faithful the Lord has been to you! :0)
    This is a new beginning in your life, a new chapter in your life with your little one being born! So i completely understand as a mother of young children myself, if your writings come occasionally instead of daily…God bless you and your wonderful family!
    ps. I’d love to see pictures posted of your baby!!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Desiree…I really wish to post everyday, but with my little ones at home, I doubt whether I can do it…But trusting God completely to carry out all my responsibilites in a balanced way..:)

  2. Rani:
    Welcome back. Congratulations! How beautiful is Cheryl. Moses is known as a perfect child. Samuel an aswer to cry and prayer. When God gives somthing in a strange is anointed. Since March I never looked for your blog. But today I was inspired to open and I see you resurrected. Perfect time. May God strengthen you more abundantly to touch other lives

    • Thank you…God has a purpose for everything and when you wait to recieve something..then it has a special meaning…

      God Bless,

  3. Praising Him with you, for His goodness and compensated grace. You have encouraged me so much in the way you listen to Him and hang on to what He says! Kiss that sweet little one for me and I send love and hugs to her momma too! God bless you as you stay available to your King.
    love, deb

    • Thank you so much Debbie…I’m slowly getting back to my routine…Hope I’ll be able to do what He wants to do…Remember me and my family in your valuable prayers..


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