Posted by: springsinthedesert | April 1, 2011

The Living Water

In the book of Exodus, chapter 17, we read about the people of Israel struggling in the wilderness without water. There in that desert, they struggled for water and started grumbling against Moses and also the living God. That was the attitude of the carnal man…but heaven responded to the cry of an anointed man of God; Moses. God gave them water in the wilderness from a rock…from a place where there is no chance of water….from a hard and impossible  place. But that miracle was in response to the efforts made by Moses and that is all about today’s devotion.

As soon as Moses realized that he cannot handle the grumbling of the Israelites and their request is beyond his reach, he decided to take the issue to the living God. We see three important steps that Moses did.

Address the problem to God and cry unto Him. (Exodus 17:4)

Moses knew that this issue is not in his control and he cannot do anything to help this situation except cry unto God. He knew that he cannot bring water for this large number of people unless God intervenes in this situation and performs a miracle. He did not find out other alternatives to handle this problem. Accepting his inadequacy,  he  decided to cry unto the Lord.

Use the staff of past miracles.(Exodus 17:5)

In response to Moses’ cry, God asked him to take the staff that helped him witness previous miracle….and walk in front of the people of Israel. If God had asked me, I would have said..”Lord, last time it was Nile…this time the situation is completely different…it is all about water in the desert…and that is completely different and impossible”. Walking in front of the people with this staff, takes great courage and it shows his faith in a God who works miracles.

See God before you instead of your problem.(Exodus 17:6)

God asked Moses to exercise his faith on that rock…and promised him to stand before him. Now Moses cannot see the rock..because God is standing before the rock which is going to be the miracle. All he could see is the miracle working God and not the impossibilities ahead.

Are you in a confused state not knowing how to pray regarding a particular problem in life? All these years you have tried many other solutions…so many alternatives…many advices from others…but till now nothing is working out. Are you there at the edge of the red sea..not knowing your next step? Address your problem before God and cry unto Him for a solution. Accept your inability in handling this without God’s help. God has showed you many miracles in your past…and you have achieved them through your faith,  praise, worship,prayer and the word of God….take that staff of past miracles and walk in faith before all the people who grumble and criticize you..When you take the decision to move forward…God will stand before you on that rock of impossibility…and water will gush out at your first strike of faith. He is standing there for you…strike the rock in faith.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. wow wow wow. You are writing right into our hearts, from His. God bless you and carry you through your days!

  2. May we all learn to grab hold of that staff Rani! Blessings,

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