Posted by: springsinthedesert | March 28, 2011

The Lord Has Helped Us

For many days, I have been thinking of sharing this blessing of our family with all of you, but kept on postponing the thought.  Today, I feel the urge to share it with all of you. We are expecting our second child in couple of weeks…All I can say is that hitherto , the Lord has helped us and it was only His mercy and loving kindness that sustained us through all the tough times that we went through.

I had a miscarriage in 2009 and that incident has changed my faith life completely and one of its outcome was the birth of this blog. One month after that incident, through a vision, God asked me to start this blog to strengthen many others who go through tough times in life. Its so interesting how God uses people for His purpose…Many a times, He uses us in areas where you are not familiar with. When He asked me to write daily devotions, I told Him, “Lord, I’m not a writer and do not have the thorough knowledge of the Bible….How can you do something like a daily devotion through someone like me who is a naive  both in writing and in scriptures.” . He confirmed me many times saying that all He needed was me as an empty vessel.

Now, its been one year and nine months and I have nothing to boast about, except that it was all His doing…This blog is like a part of me…God has given me many friends around the world through this blog, which would have never happened otherwise. For past 9 months, due to this pregnancy, I was not able to fully concentrate on my writings and also in replying to all my reader’s comments…I take this time to apologize to all my readers for not being so consistent in that. And I’m not sure how far it will be possible for me to write everyday after the little one arrives..but I promise that I’ll not neglect the nudge of the Holy Spirit in anyway and will continue writing as and when He inspires.

Your comments and mails have always been an encouragement to me and I thank you for being so supportive. At this time I request you to uphold me and my family in your valuable prayers…My desire is to write without taking a break, but I know that it might not be possible for some time…I hope you will be with me in this and be a part of this blog when I come back.

Trusting in Him,

Rani John



  1. I am so very happy for you and for your family! I will pray for you to have a very smooth and easy delivery 🙂 Praise the Lord! Is it going to be a boy or girl?????

  2. Love you, Rani, and how He birthed this blog . . .and how now you are about to give birth to a sweet miracle soon. 🙂 I will be right here whenever you can write. Your devotions are unique and so special. I know they are from Him and so many are meant for me!!! I think each person feels that way when they read here.
    Lifting you to Jesus! God bless you and yours.
    love, deb

  3. Rani,
    I am so sorry you have had to suffer in the way you have. I have not had to suffer in this way but in other ways and I believe the Lord is directing me to minister to those who have suffered in the same way. Your posting encouraged me in a mighty way to press forward. Thank you.
    I have to young relatives trying to start a family and having the same sorrows you encounterd. Please pray for them that the two pregnancies they now are working through will bring to them a child. I just prayed for you as well.
    Blessings to you in Christ.

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