Posted by: springsinthedesert | March 24, 2011

In His Perfect Time

Do you believe that every situation and every circumstance that a believer faces in his or her life has a purpose and that is to perfect our faith in Jesus? I often feel that when Jesus sees each one of us, He knows what kind of faith we have, how weak we are, how great potential we have to be used for Him, and what needs to be done to prefect that faith He has started in us. So in order to bring forth that faith He expects from us, sometimes; He remains silent to our cry, other times, He delays His intervention in our lives and in rare times, gives us the impression that He is not even willing to deliver us from the situation that we are going through. But believe me, He sees the potential of your faith and wants to bring forth its true magnitude which you yourself was not aware of and use you as a great witness among others.

Let me take your attention to three women in the Bible whom Jesus touched at three different phases of their cries and explain this thought that He has laid in my heart.

The widow of Nain: In Luke chapter 7, verse 11 we see a widow, following a coffin in great desperation. Her only son is no more. The whole town mourns with her…they are all walking with her..yet she feels all alone…her only son..her only hope is lost. Here, we don’t  see the widow asking Jesus anything…but He was moved by her cry and gave her what she wanted…He touched the coffin and gave her son’s life back to her. His answer to her was immediate…because He understood that she was at the end of the rope in her desperation.

Mary, Lazarus sister: Jesus was very close to the family of Lazarus and so when he got sick, they informed Jesus, thinking that He will come and heal him immediately.But we see in Mathew 11, verse 6 that Jesus stayed where He was for two more days and did not come to their house until Lazarus was dead and buried for four days. Here we see Mary and Martha having great faith in Jesus and His power as the son of God..yet they believed that their brother would come back to life only during the end days. But Jesus had plans to bring forth a new faith in them that works miracles in their ‘todays’ and not ‘tomorrows’. His glory was revealed, even though He delayed.

The Canaanite woman: In Mathew 15:21-28, we see a woman crying out to Jesus. She is greatly troubled by her demon possessed daughter. Even the disciples found her cry so annoying that they wanted Jesus to do something for her and thereby sent her away. But we see Jesus not answering a word to her earnest cry.  He gives a negative answer even to the disciples who tried to help her out…Still she remained and cried out to Him and worshipped Him. Most of us will give up when we receive a silence from Jesus. Can you imagine yourself crying out to Him and worshipping Him even when your situation is the same and receive a negative answer from Him whom your only hope is on? People whom you thought can help you in receiving the favor from God is also pushed aside…yet you are standing their in utter desperation..As though all this was not enough…we see Jesus answering directly to her…”It is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs”…An answer that she never expected…Yet she remained and asked for the crumbs that fall from the Master’s table. Not only that Jesus acknowledged her great faith, she received what she desired in her life.

My dear child of God, where are you in life today? Walking beside the coffin…without seeing any hope and in utter desperation…Jesus is walking against to you to touch your dead situation…and if He decides to work for you then and there…things are going to change immediately. This day of mourning will become the day of rejoicing.

Are you like Mary and Martha, weeping over something that is beyond correction…Are you in a place where you think that your delays are denials from God? God might delay and stay back more than what you have expected, but that does not mean that He will not work for you…He wants to bring forth a new faith that will help you witness in this current life and will also lead you to the eternity that you earnestly hope for.

Today, are you like that Canaanite woman, who received silence after silence from God…You expected that He will work for you when His disciples intervened…yet  the same answer…But beloved….your persistence to remain in Him will be rewarded very soon…He knows the exact circumstance that will bring forth the expected faith in you.So don’t give up at this time…God knows the prefect time and He will not go beyond that time.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. I knew you had posted a new blog even without checking my email… I felt God say “check your email” and last time I felt that, there was an amazing post direct to my situation so I knew you’d posted. Yep, was right! This definitely speaks to me. : ) God is awesome.

  2. Rani . . just wow. Jesus uses you and speaks through you in incredible ways. Often right to the heart of my own life. One would think that we corresponded daily, that you knew exactly what was going on. And, in Him, we must correspond because you do know and your devotions minister to me. Thank you and God bless you!
    love, deb

  3. Thank you Rani, I am still waiting. Let Him do it in His perfect time.
    May God use you to bring forth faith in others like me.

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