Posted by: springsinthedesert | March 15, 2011

Walking With God

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

             Isaiah 41:10

For today’s devotion, I would like to explain few ‘moves’ from the Bible and God’s purpose behind them. The other day, I was reading from the Gospel of Luke, chapter 2 and was greatly intrigued by the verse 4.

Moving out—so that the prophecy is fulfilled

The words ‘out of the city of Nazareth to the city of Bethlehem’ from Luke 2:4 started confirming this thought which was in my mind for many days. Here we see a great move in Joseph’s life. Now this move was not preplanned by him, but ordained by God so that the scriptures could be fulfilled…The savior had to be born in Bethlehem and when it was time for that promise to be fulfilled, God worked in the heart of Caesar Augustus to pass a decree that census had to be taken and the people had to register themselves for the census in their own city. Moving out to a new place, especially with a pregnant woman must have been really difficult for Joseph…yet he took the risk…and thus the prophecy was fulfilled.

Moving out—with a great blessing

In Genesis 12, we read about another move..Abraham is called out of his father’s house to a land which God is going to show him. Leaving his father’s house, his relatives and everything comfortable there might have been really difficult for Abraham. And especially when God has not mentioned the land in advance…He had said that HE will show him that place…which means  that the  place is completely unknown for Abraham. He doesn’t know how far he has to go, which way he has to travel and how long..And I can tell you..that is really difficult to go forward without knowing where and how. Yet Abraham obeyed…why because He heard the voice of God and the promise that for everything he is going to leave behind…there is a blessing ahead. In this move, Abraham had to leave his father’s house, but he received a blessing to be called ‘God’s Nation’

Moving out—deliverance from bondage to a land of His presence

God heard the cry of His people and decided to deliver them  from bondage to a land of milk and honey…to a land of inheritance. God promised that they will not have to go empty handed, they will have the plunder of the enemy…not only that, He promised His presence to be with them.

Moving out—for the deliverance of others

Next is about Jonah, who was called to move out to Nineveh. He was not willing to obey God’s call..and so he moved far from it.But God brought him back to where he started and led him to Nineveh. But this move was not for him…it was for that city of Nineveh….for their deliverance.

Today, do you hear God calling you out of your current place, your current circumstances. He wants to lead you to a new place where there is blessings, inheritance, peace, joy and power. He wants to deliver you from bondage…to freedom. Are you willing to come out and move forward to the land which God is going to show you…He has promised His presence to be with you. And He knows that it is scary to leave your comfort zone and move to a new venture. But, if you trust Him completely, you will see prophecies about you fulfilled…new blessings in your next steps, freedom from sin and suffering, His continuous presence and guidance..And when you are at that place which God has led you…You will be a blessing for many others..not just few, but for a Nation.  So let us move out to that new land of opportunities He has planned for us..All for His glory and Honor.

In Him,

Rani John



  1. Thank you sweet Rani, for giving us our moving orders from God! Let’s get packing! 🙂 God bless you and forever move your heart close to His!

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