Posted by: springsinthedesert | February 7, 2011

Lean On Him And Know His Heart

There is nothing better and more wonderful than worshipping our God in truth and spirit and this Sunday at church, we could all experience God’s presence moving in an amazing way. His power is so great that nobody can explain it in words and His love is so satisfying that no one can comprehend its depth. I felt His love bubbling in my heart so strongly that I could not stop praising Him for what He has done for me at that cross. Sunday evening, when I got some quiet time, I prayed a simple prayer…”Lord, whenever I sit down to pray…its either about me or someone…our problems, our worries, the troubles that others go through, the deliverance that we expect in their lives….and things like that. But this time, I want to know about your heart…your thoughts, your plans, your salvation plan about someone…Lord, I just want to know your heartbeat…”

That prayer just came out of my mouth only because of the great love that I experienced in worship.  I was asking Lord to show me a scripture for today’s devotion and He led me to John 13:21-26. Let me explain the context of that scripture. Jesus is about to be crucified and it was the last supper. Jesus knowing that His hour has come, took the role of a servant and washed the disciples feet. Deeply troubled in Spirit, He said to the disciples that one of them will betray Him. Verse 23 says that one among the disciples whom Jesus loved, was reclining on His bosom. Simon Peter asked him to find out from Jesus whom He was talking about. This disciple leaned onto His bosom and asked, “Who is it Lord?”. The Lord said to him, “That is one for whom I shall dip the morsel and give it to him”. And He gave it to Judas, who had planned to betray him for 30 silver coins.

In your relationship with Jesus, where is your position in Him? When Jesus, troubled in spirit, said that one among them will betray Him; some of the disciples did not even try to find out what exactly he meant by that…Did they not bother about His anguished heart or did they not have the courage to ask Him who it was??? I do not know…But they never asked..Peter at least had the heart to know who it was, even though He did not dare to ask Jesus directly. So Peter asked John(the disciple whom Jesus loved) to find out who the betrayer was.  Now, lets look at the betrayer Judas…..he might have been physically present there at the table, but his heart was far from the Master….working around plans for the betrayal.

My dear child of God, we can claim to be seated along with Jesus on that table….But  in truth, what is our position in Him? Are we like the other disciples who was not that concerned about His troubled heart ? Or are we scared to exercise the freedom He has given us in Him? Are we at Peter’s place, asking someone else, to find out that answer for us from Jesus? Or are we at Judas place…seated next to the Master…but very far from from Him in thoughts and in deeds?

Let us be like that favorite disciple, leaning onto His bosom…taking all the privilege we have in Him to find out His heart….to know what troubles His spirit…to share what enjoys Him the most. Let us be like that disciple who took the courage to ask about God’s secrets…to know about God’s revelations….Let us be closer to Him…closer to His heart..I pray that today, more than ever, you will experience God’s amazing love for you and feel His embrace…I pray that You will feel the warmth of His outstretched arms around you that you forget about all the hurts of this world and be engulfed in His presence.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Thank you for leading me closer to His heart. As I come through a time of brokenness, I so want to know what breaks His heart as well. God bless you and your praise of Him!
    love, deb

  2. Regarding who would betray Jesus you wrote “Peter at least had the heart to know who it was, even though He did not dare to ask Jesus directly. So Peter asked John(the disciple whom Jesus loved) to find out who the betrayer was.”

    But that idea fails to take into account that prior to that point in the supper Jesus had limited the betrayer to “one of the twelve”. So, at that point Peter knew one of the apostles could not be trusted, he just did not know which one. Given the new information that Jesus had provided on the matter, Peter would hardly have used one of them ask the question for him. And with all the talk amongst the apostles about being the greatest, it isn’t likely that Peter would go through one of them.

    One has to take off their own shoes before they can take a walk in someone else’s moccasins, and similarly, when it comes to a case of The Bible vs. Tradition, one has to be willing to let go of the traditions of men in order to see the truth that is hidden in plain sight in the text of scripture. has a free eBook that just compares scripture with scripture in order to highlight the facts in the plain text of scripture that are usually overlooked about the “other disciple, whom Jesus loved”. You may want to weigh the testimony of scripture that the study cites regarding the one whom “Jesus loved” and may find it to be helpful as it encourages bible students to take seriously the admonition “prove all things”.

    Simply assuming that the traditions of men are true was not a safe thing to do in Jesus’ day and it is not a good Bible study method today either. And it is a far cry from the method of the Bereans who searched the scriptures to see concerning the things that they were taught. Hope it helps.

  3. It is a wonderful to experience the love of our Saviour.Once we experience that warmth we cannot sit quiet but praise him. I want to experience that love more and more. I want to hear him talk to me more often..Thank you Rani for sharing your experience and how the Lord lead you the verses for today’s devotion.

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