Posted by: springsinthedesert | December 7, 2010

A New Name And A New Purpose

No longer will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate. But you will be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah ; for the LORD will take delight in you, and your land will be married.

         Isaiah 62:4

How many of us like the name our parents gave us? For many years, I wished I could change my name. Today, I realize that this name has become my identity now and there is no point changing it. These days, people do not give much importance to names when their children are born. Most of the parents put their favorite names. But during the biblical times, names were given with great importance. Mostly, names are given according to the circumstance in which the babies are born. If a child is born after a long wait, then they will name the baby accordingly. We read in the bible when Rebecca gave birth to her twins, the first son was hairy and so he was named Esau (means hairy) and the second one was named Jacob( means supplanter) because when he came out, he took hold of his twin brother’s heel( Genesis 25:24-26). Rachel was barren for many years and when God opened her womb and gave her a son, she named him Joseph(means Jehovah increases). Like that all through out the bible we see people with predestined identity attached to their names…either those names portrayed their character or the circumstances in which they were born. The meaning of the name Moses is “taken out of water” and that was so true about his name. You might be wondering why today’s devotion is all about names. I would like share with you a thought about how God wants to change your name and your identity.

In the key verse for today, we see a name change too..Read Isaiah 62 to understand more about the context of the verse. It talks about Israel. God’s own people has become a forsaken nation by the world. Righteousness and glory has been taken away from it. But this chapter talks about the future of this nation. How God is going to change the condition of the Israel, and restore its position. God says, that though the nation is deserted and desolate,He is going to rename her Hephzibah( Lord delights in you) and Beulah(married). Now you might ask me “I do not understand..How is this all connected to my life today?”.

Today’s message is that when God decides to use you, He will rename you and give you a new mission. Your circumstances might have caused you to be called “Neglected”, “unloved” or “Forsaken”. Sometimes, the choices you have made in the past life has given you the name “deceiver”, “proud” or “arrogant”. Relationships in your life might have stamped you “good for nothing”, “useless” and “unworthy”. Whatever might be the case, God says, “You are my priceless possession, you are not meant to be called by that name. You have a different identity which I had planned for you even before the foundation of this earth was laid..I want to call you with a new name..I want to give you a new purpose in life and I’m going to bless you in that mission”.

Are you willing to accept that name? You might be discouraged in life thinking how your life has created a certain impression on others whom you associate to. You must be wondering “How could I change that opinion my neighbors have”. Are you a person who do not know your are tossed and twisted according to the wind in any direction it blows..You do not have to struggle to make up an identity or change the perspective in which others looks at you. When God decide to change your name and identity and start a new thing in you, others will slowly start seeing a change in you. Before, people might have never noticed you as a prayerful person, but after God changes your name to “interceder”, people will come to you with their problems and ask you to pray for them. Years back, if your family thought that you are not worthy to be loved, today, they can see Christ’s love in you after He changes your name “To love and to be loved”. I believe you got the idea.

So what is to be done to get the new name from God? Be submissive. If my daughter does not respond to her name, then there is no point in calling her. And every time, I call her, I’ll have something to tell her. Same way, God calls you for a purpose and He wants to choose your identity. Few years back, if someone asks me I would have said, my identity is to be an “IT professional”, but today, I’m glad to say that I want to be a “servant of God”. So be ready to be called by the Lord. That new name determines you identity and destiny.


Rani John



    1. Thank you for the always encouragement of what God has in mind for us! You are so faithful! God bless!

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