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Trust In His Promises..No Matter What

Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colors. And when his brethren saw that their father loved him more than all his brethren, they hated him, and could not speak peaceably unto him.

         Genesis 37:3-4

“Joseph with the coat of many colors” was one of the bible stories I liked when I was young.The way God took him from “pit to prison to palace” just amazes me every time I read the bible. Whenever I picturize Joseph, I see him with that coat of many colors. The NIV Bible says that it was a richly ornamented robe. Think about Joseph aged only seventeen, walking in front of his brothers with this beautiful robe, fully ornamented and with many colors. No wonder his brothers envied him. Whenever the brothers saw him, they saw more of his father’s love on him. May be they feared that Joseph will be given more position in the family, though its usually given to the firstborn. In addition to all these, he started seeing dreams which explained that he will rule over his brothers. What more do they need to hate him?

You may be wondering why am I explaining an old story which we all have learned in our Sunday school. I would like to share one simple thing from this story. Like Joseph, we may all have a coat of many colors. It may be the inheritance that our father gave us, education that we have attained in our life, a recognizable job, treasured friends and family or a mansion to live in. Something which we too consider and cherish as valuable. All these can cause others to look at us with envy. We may be blessed in all the material blessings than others. But if you read the story of Joseph, we can see that his brothers threw him in the pit and later sold him to the Egyptians. They tore his coat of many colors, dipped it in a goat’s blood and took it as a proof of his death to His father. All our possessions of this world , which we are very proud of, can be taken away from us at any time.

But if you read Genesis 39 and 40, you can see that wherever Joseph went, at Potiphar’s house and also in the prison, the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered and was successful in everything he did. What touched me in these chapters are, if God gives us a vision in our heart, no matter how the world may react to you, no matter where you have to end up in, God will help you there and in all those deadly places, HE will work out HIS plans for you. You may be in a pit or a prison, but if God has planned you to be in a palace, He will work out ways in which you will be led at His mighty time.

The world may try to destroy your valuable possession, but what God has put in your heart cannot be taken away from you. Your own people may restrict you from seeing the light and throw you in the pit of sorrow,but the vision that God has put in your heart, will lift you up and make you travel long and finally place you in your destination. Joseph, for sure, had to go through some terrible time before his promise was fulfilled. But whenever people he met tried to put him down and destroy him, God used that situation to rise him from where he was to the palace where he was intended to be.  In Genesis 45:4-5 Joseph says that it was to save many lives that God had sent him ahead of them. You may not be able to see your promise fulfilled when you are in the pit, but if you submit your life to God’s will, He will lift you up from that dungeon and fulfill your promise, so that you will be used to save many.

What is that you are holding onto as the “coat of many colors”? There are chances that you may be deprived of them one day. Trust in the promises of God. Hold onto your vision. Nothing or nobody can take away what God has put in your heart. God has the power to take you from that pit and transform you to a ruler who will save many. God has planned to give you a royal robe and nothing can stop you from having it. Just wait for His time.


Rani John



  1. From the pit, to the palace! Your blog was excellent! Praise God! I will definitely revisit your page! Take care.

  2. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW Rani, This post is POWERFUL!!! It has blessed my heart! I know this is the truth!
    Also, do not take for granted that everyone knows these stories! Many do not, have never heard them before, or do not have the entire story in their mind or memory. Tell the WORD over and over without worrying if someone has heard it before! The LORD speaks a thousand times over in the same stories!

  3. Thank you for always, always encouraging us!!! May He lift you up and strengthen you today! deb

  4. Dear Sister Rani,

    The world has reserved pits but God has Palace for us. It is God who brings us
    out from pits to palace. There is time limit in pits but there is no time limit in
    palace. It is for ever. He visited the pit & found us . We have been seated with Christ in heavenly places. I Thank God for his uplifting power from pit to palace.

    May God continue using you to strengthen many.

    In His Service

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