Posted by: springsinthedesert | November 4, 2010

God’s Favor Upon His Chosen

The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.

                  Proverbs 21:1

For past few weeks, God has been teaching me the ways in which His favor works for His people and have been experiencing it personally in our lives.  When I started thankfully reminding myself all those incidents in which I have experienced God’s favor , I wondered, “Is this a new season in my life or Did I miss or take granted all the other occasions in the past where God showed His favor upon me?”. One thing that I realized is that unless we acknowledge God’s hand in every areas of our lives, we will not be able to recognize many of God’s favors in our lives…Instead, we tend to mistake them for mere coincidences. But now that I have learned to understand that there is nothing called coincidences in a believer’s life  and everything is well planned and ordered by an Almighty God, I have learned to acknowledge every smallest incidents as God’s favors.

Few weeks back, we had to receive an important immigration document from Fed Ex which had to be submitted in an office the next day. We had been waiting for the same for many days and when we finally knew the day it will be delivered, we had a problem. I had to go pick up my daughter from school and we were worried that we will miss the Fed Ex guys. I knew that there are other alternatives if I miss them..I can always go to their office and collect them or wait for their next day delivery…but we had to submit it the next day without failure. I prayed…and asked God to show His favor in this and you know what, that document was delivered in my hand just five minutes before I was about to leave my home. Since I had submitted this matter with God, I knew this was His favor upon me…otherwise I would have considered it as a mere coincidence or even ‘perfect timing of the Fed Ex people’.

What am I trying to convey today? My dear child of God, do you perceive this favor of God working for you? That rare opportunity  you received regardless of your experience, that change of attitude you saw in your partner in spite of your circumstances, that amendment in the law in the middle of the recession….everything was God’s favor for you. The above key verse says that the King’s heart is like the rivers in the hand of God and He can turn it to anywhere as He wishes. Do you believe that God can change the heart of people in favor of you just because you are His chosen and He is working for you? If Bible has a proof…then there is no chance for you to doubt it.

In the book of Esther, we read about a King whose heart was turned in favor of queen Esther. Haman had arranged a plot to kill the people of Jews and was given the King’s signet ring to pass the decree against God’s people. While all the Jews, all over the province fasted and prayed about their future, Queen Esther who was a Jew, took the risk of standing in the gap for her people and decided to approach the King even though she was not called for thirty days(In those days, if a man or a woman comes to the inner court of the King without being called, then he or she is to be put to death unless the King had favor upon him/her and stretched his scepter) That day when Esther appeared before the King, his heart was in favor towards her..not because of her beauty, not because of her courage, not because of his big heart…but only because of God’s favor working in favor for Esther and His people.

Today, are you in a place where you are waiting to get a favorable answer, an attitude, an opportunity or even an unexpected miracle against the rules and laws of this world…trust in this God who can even change the hearts of Kings and the decisions of the nations  in favor of you. Believe in this God who works wonders for His chosen and rewrites the decrees that were written against them.  See it happening in front of you…Visualize it with your inner eyes of faith and hold onto your promise. Bible says, If God is for us, who can stand against us…Nobody can close the door which God has kept open for us…. so trust in this God who shows favor for His chosen.You are about to experience God’s special favor today. Believe it.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Dear Rani,
    I love this post! I know I have seen and felt the LORD’s hand and direction upon my life for most my life. He receives honor and glory for all good and for all chastisements I’ve received!

    In Christ alone…

  2. He has shown you such favor and gifting in doing these posts! God bless you! I am trusting and believing in His favor today! love, deb

  3. What a powerful devotion. I had experienced personaly God’s favor many times. That is true that once you are a child of god and if you especialy ask god’s guidance in certain things you can see his hand working…

  4. Rani,
    I was introduced to your blogs through Sheena and I am so happy she did.
    Yes, I can say with utmost confidence that my Lord has always done miracles for me in the time of my need. He always put me thru a little bit of pain before He gives me the biggest blessing so that I know the value of the blessings I recieve…Thank God for everything you have done for me…

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