Posted by: springsinthedesert | October 19, 2010

Seek His Wisdom To Fulfill Your Calling

For past few days, through few incidents in our lives, God had been showing me the need to trust in God’s wisdom. I was so glad that God showed me those situations in advance through dreams, so that when it actually happened, I was well prepared for it. Usually, when something like that happens, I try to handle the situation, with my knowledge and understanding. But this time, God specifically told me to receive His wisdom to handle it perfectly. Though I received many other advices to handle the situation wisely, I took the decision to lean on His wisdom which said, “Do not say or act anything yet..Stand back and pray…because God’s wisdom will handle His purpose in prefect time and procedure and according to His righteousness”. And just as He said, He did it so perfectly within short time without me saying a word but simply praying and trusting in His wisdom.

My dear children of God, when we are in this world, trying so hard to fulfill the calling in our lives, wisdom is something we need the most to handle many of the obstacles that come against us. But wisdom is not something which can be just received by age, or through our own experience and exposure in this world or from our own knowledge and understanding. But it is a gift from God which is given to us through the spirit of God. Some times God’s spirit will give us the wisdom to speak the right words at the right time….but some other times, the same spirit will urge us to be silent at the opposition and remain silent until He proves His righteousness and faithfulness towards us. Though we may not fully understand His wisdom, if we control our feelings and understanding and trust in Him, in His perfect time He will fulfill His master plan in our lives.

I was reading Exodus 34 and 35 today and was amazed at the wisdom God placed in two ordinary craftsmen who were chosen for the extra ordinary work of building the tabernacle for the most High God. Moses was given all the instructions to build the tabernacle, but God called Bazalel and Oholiab for this job. Bazalel was from the tribe of Judah(the most respected tribe) and Oholiab from the tribe of Dan(least among the twelve tribes). We read that God filled them with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge and in all craftsmanship. God also put a spirit of teaching in them so that they could train other people to do the work of the tabernacle. They were so well versed and proficient in the craftsmanship that was well needed for the work of the tabernacle. Yet they were given all the instructions for the work and was expected to obey the commandments of God without making even minor changes on God’s perfect plan, leaning on their own understanding.

Moses was the one who led these people from Egypt. He was the one who saw the glory of God. He was the one who received the commandments from God. Yet he was not chosen to build the tabernacle. Why? God’s presence was always with Him then why not Moses for this task? In God’s Kingdom, each one of us have a different calling. Some of us may be called to lead the people just like Moses, some others might be given the task of building the tabernacle. Each job needs its own wisdom and commandments from God. Moses’s understanding and knowledge of leading the people cannot be shared to Bazalel in building the tabernacle. Only if, he is filled with the spirit of God, he can be used mightily in this task.

Do you realize the importance of the calling in your life? And the need of wisdom from God to handle this task faithfully? You are unique and your calling is unique, so the wisdom you need is unique. You cannot just adopt the wisdom and experiences from the past and the people before you… You just need special anointing of the spirit of God to fulfill the plans He has planned for you. So seek His wisdom and obey it completely and you will see the work of God being completed before your very own eyes.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. This is very confirming to things in my life, right now and from the past! 🙂 Thank you for faithfully following Him in His calling to you! love and prayers, deb

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