Posted by: springsinthedesert | September 15, 2010

God’s Anointing On You

On Monday, I had written a thought regarding Saul and his anointing and  had mentioned that I will be continuing the same topic for couple of days. But I could not write the continuation yesterday and so I’m writing it in today’s devotion. To understand the context a little better, please feel free to read the devotion “Our walk to Jesus”

Saul was directed to God’s anointing and the man of God named Samuel, while he was wandering through different places in search of his father’s donkeys. Even though he approached Samuel with a loss/lack in his side, on the way back home, he was a completely  different man. Not only that his loss was met, he was filled with an anointing that made him so different from his old self.

Now what was so special about this anointing? I would like you to read 1 Samuel 9:22- 10:1-12. We read that as soon as Samuel saw Saul, he asked him to join the feast after the sacrifice. And Samuel gave Saul the most respected position among the very few people who were invited. Not only that , Samuel asked the cook to bring the most special piece of meat for Saul, which was specially set aside for him. In addition to all these, when Saul was about to leave, Samuel anointed him with the oil and gave him God’s guidance in his next steps with confirmations from HIM to increase his faith in God’s purpose. All the confirmations that Samuel gave him came to pass and God gave Saul a new heart with a powerful anointing. When he arrived at a certain place, he met a group of prophets and started prophesying with them. And when all those who had formerly known him saw him prophesying with the prophets, they asked each other, "What is this that has happened to the son of Kish? Is Saul also among the prophets?"

As I said in the previous devotion, you and me might have come to God and His wonderful plan as a result of a lack in our life. We have been wandering here and there to find an answer to all those unanswered questions. God has miraculously led us to Him by keeping all the other doors shut. Once we have come there…He will not let us go empty-handed. He will not only fulfill what we lacked, but also anoint us with special oil.

That anointing is so special that it makes you so different from others. It gives you a special place among His chosen. An honor which you never thought you will achieve with your merits or caliber. You will start experiencing a God given favor in everything even in the simple realms of daily living. Just like Saul…a special package kept specifically for you..Not only that…once you have received that anointing, your steps are ordered by God. He will give you the complete guidance with His confirmations. You will walk with a new heart, filled with God’s powerful anointing and when others look at you…they see something different from before. And that’s the power of God’s anointing in your life.

Do you perceive the greatness of His anointing in your life? Or do you take it so granted? Remember, if you acknowledge its greatness and use it for the glory of His kingdom..then it will be yours forever. What makes you so different from others is the anointing of God and hold onto it. You will never be put to shame.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. This, Rani, just makes me so excited and encouraged. He gives you that . . .that is your special anointing, to stir us up and on for Him!Wow! I’m so glad there is a God appointed, anointed you! 🙂 love and prayers for your calling in Christ Jesus! deb

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