Posted by: springsinthedesert | September 13, 2010

Our Walk To Jesus

For past few days God had been leading me to a specific thought “Saul among the prophets”. I was studying about Saul, the King of Israel who was from a family among the least families of the tribes of Benjamin; the smallest tribe of Israel. As I was reading through 1 Samuel chapter 9-12, I understood a fact that the anointing of God can completely transform a person and at the same time the lack of it can reverse its process.God revealed to me few thoughts which I think would be sharing as few continuous thoughts or otherwise as directed by the Holy Spirit.

We read in 1 Samuel chapter 8, the people of Israel murmuring against God for a King just like any other Nations around them and God granted their desire. God had informed Samuel about the man(Saul) He is going to anoint as King. But Saul never knew about God’s plan in his life.

One thing that touched me in that chapter(1 Samuel 9) is that, for Saul to reach God’s purpose and God’s plan of anointing, he had to go through a loss in his family. We read in the first few verses that Saul’s father lost his donkeys and he asked Saul to go in search of them. Saul took a servant and started to search for those donkeys. Verse 4 read that they travelled through different places and they could not find them. So he passed through the hill country of Ephraim and through the area around Shalisha, but they did not find them. They went on into the district of Shaalim, but the donkeys were not there. Then he passed through the territory of Benjamin, but they did not find them.

Finally they came to a place called Zuph and Saul decided to go back . But his servant told him that there is a man of God living in that place named Samuel and he will help them in finding their donkeys. I believe that God in His wonderful wisdom used this servant to lead Saul to Samuel.

Looking into our lives, we can say that many losses in our lives have directed us to God and His ultimate purpose.The lacks in our lives have forced us to go in search of them…Some of us have travelled many years, gone through many unfavorable places…but have  finally reached a place where we could not find what we lacked. Many of us decided to quit, some of us decided to go back to the place where we have started….but God in His wonderful grace has led us to Him through someone…a friend, a family member, a colleague . And once we reach Him, the whole purpose has changed…the lack is met and there is a new beginning.

Do you lack something in life…something you really crave for?Are you wandering in this life to fulfill that emptiness in your life. You see, Saul could not find his donkeys in Ephraim, Shalisha and Shaalim for a reason. If he had found them there, he could have never been led to Samuel. Your lack in life is just a way of God to lead you to Him. Do you think that God is not able to satisfy you with what you lack and long for your life? He is more than able…but He wants you to come to Him…because there is a plan in your life…a heavenly thought higher than yours…a plan that you have never imagined of….You will understand that plan only if you come to the place where HE dwells.

Saul came with a lack in his life, but he is going back with a great anointing and that is my thought for tomorrow. So let me assure you today that you might have come to Jesus with a loss, an emptiness in life, but when you go back..not only that your lack will be met, but you will start a new life with a great anointing which you have never seen before. Your answer is with Him and Him alone so take that simple step of faith and accept Him as the Lord and Savior of your life. I promise you that the journey ahead will be different…well worth it.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Oh Rani . . .I love how He keeps you encouraging us and leading us to Him. Though I have come to Him, and do not lack in that regard, this still has meaning as I may not have come to Him if I hadn’t traveled that long path of loss. And the path I travel now I can trust is leading me on to His plans and purposes for me. 🙂 love you and am praying too! deb

  2. Rani, Like Deb I have already come to Him down the long path of searching for what I lack. But I know others who are going through trials, seeking something though they do not know what. This post was a great encouragement to me that they will find Him when the time is right. Thanks. Peace, Linda

  3. Thank you dear, once again, for sharing this thought with us. Certain incidences in life bring some of us closer to God. This sharing reminds me of the greater and richer blessing that is due each time I have to go through a lack. In addition to that, I am also reminded of that excellent promotion an ordinary person could not even think or imagine. What a mighty God I serve! He anoints me with the oil of gladness more than my companions.
    God bless you Rani, and use you to bring hope and joy to many. Susan

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