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Between You and Jesus

Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

                  Luke 9:23

Whenever I read the Gospels, I love to imagine the days of Jesus in this earth. The lifestyle of people in that era, their talks, their attire, their attitudes…all these might have been so different from ours. I love to imagine myself in that crowd which followed Jesus, to be in that group of men and women who physically experienced Jesus’ touch and healing. One day, as I was reading through the Gospel of Mathew, I thought of all the incidents were people had limitations to reach Jesus. One thing that inspired me was that in spite of all those limitations, those who made the bold step in faith and reached Jesus could experience a deliverance in their personal life. That made me think of all the possible limitations we have in our lifetime to finally experience Jesus in our lives and would like to share few of them with you today.

The world

We read in the book of Luke chapter 5 about a paralytic man who was carried by his friends to Jesus. We read there that the house where Jesus was present was so crowded with people. I believe that all those people were not there because they loved Jesus. They might have come there to see this man of miracles, some might have been there to criticize Him, some might have joined the Pharisees to judge His actions. Whatever be the reason for their coming, there was a large crowd which prevented the needy to come to Jesus. So these men had to climb to the top of the house and break the roof to place this paralytic man down to Jesus. This is so true in our days too. The world and its attitudes prevent us from reaching the Master. The criticism of the world, the judging mentality of the so called ‘Pharisees’ everything hinder a heart in need to approach Jesus. But those who take the bold step and unusual ways to come near Jesus will get to experience a miracle from Him.

Physical Ailment

We see about a woman in the Gospels who had the disease of bleeding for 12 years. We read that she had spent a fortune for her healing and had visited many physicians. Whenever I read that scripture, I will think,”What if that day when Jesus passed her town, she was down in heart and was at the end of her hope…What if she thought nothing is going to work in her life”. If she had thoughts like that, she would have never been mentioned as a miracle in the Bible. I’m glad that she did not listen to her body nor her troubling mind, she ran to Jesus in spite of her physical ailment and the past 12 years of negative reports and her faith in Him to even touch the hem of His garment, brought healing into her body and soul. What is hindering you from running to Jesus? Your physical condition? Those negative medical reports? Past experiences from doctors? Take that bold step and run to the Great physician and healing will be yours.

Personal limitations

Another man we read in the Gospel is Zacchaeus. There was a large crowd passing by along with Jesus. He has heard a lot about this man and was eager to see Jesus. But we read that he was a very short man and his limitations prevented him from seeing Jesus.  So he climbed a tree, something very strange for a rich and well known man to do in a large crowd. Yet he had the desire to do the out of ordinary to get a glimpse of Jesus. What is our limitation in seeing Jesus? Family status, education, reputation…what is hindering us from doing the extra ordinary that will make Jesus stop and look up to you. Its all worth it because for Zacchaeus, that day turned out to be the most memorable day of his life and so would be yours.

Attitudes from fellow believers

The blind men who knew that Jesus was passing by, cried out to Him, “Son of David, Have mercy on us”. They cried out so loud that the people who followed Him rebuked them. Couldn’t they understand the pain of these blind men even after following Jesus? How could they show such a selfish attitude towards the needy? But they did not affect the blind men and they cried all the more loud which made Jesus stop for them. People who might call themselves ‘followers’, ‘disciples’, ‘Christians’ and  ‘believers’  can  have a different attitude from that of Jesus. If our focus in on Jesus and not on the fellow Christians, then our journey with Him will be quite different.

Is there anything that is preventing you from experiencing Jesus hundred percent? Find out what it is….it may not be anything that I have mentioned. Whatever it is , take that bold step to overcome that and put your focus on Jesus alone and let your faith come forth from your heart as an action, as a decision, as a step, as a commitment, as a walk towards Him and with Him. Let your day be blessed and fulfilled.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Thank you, Rani, for helping us take that step to Him, focusing on Him and Him alone. May there be no turning back for us, just forward with Him! Blessings for your day touching His heart! deb

  2. Thank you for the time and patience you take to encourage some of us out here. The tendency to give up is an easy choice to opt. The effect of the wrong option is forgoing of all the blessings attached to endurance in Christian life. To keep on knocking is easy said than done. I am asking God to give me the ability to hang on to His promises to keep on praying and asking. May God of all grace give me faith to cling on Him. Thank you, Rani, for urging me to keep on praying like Bartimaeus of Mark 10 instead of driven by physical evidences of the present and the opinions of the world.
    May God Almighty pour out His blessings on you. Susan

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