Posted by: springsinthedesert | August 5, 2010

An Opportunity For A Great Miracle

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

           2 Corinthians 12:9

Yesterday, while I was praying for a family, Holy Spirit guided me to quote a miracle from the Bible for them…The wedding at Cana. Scriptures usually come to my mind when I pray…but this was really unusual because this miracle at Cana stayed in my mind for one more day and I kept thinking about it again and again. Finally when words were added to that thought..I understood that God wants me to write it in the blog.

Since we are all well familiar with that miracle as the first one reported in the Gospels, I would like to skip all other explanations. I just want to tell you two scenarios from my imagination regarding that house at Cana. Keep in mind that wedding in those days were not just a day’s thing…it was a celebration that lasted for days and wine was an unavoidable part of the ceremony. Thinking about that house, I thought how privileged they would have been to have Jesus as their guest. From outside, everything felt happy and smooth going…yet deep inside, someone in that house understood the lack in the house…Following are the two scenarios that came into my mind…

What if there were no lacks in the family and Jesus was there

Think about such a scene. As usual, the wedding would have been just fabulous. Lots of guest, including Jesus and His mother….days of merriment and singing….In few weeks, people will forget about the wedding and the house of Cana will be just like any other house which hosted a wedding. There was no lack in that house which Jesus could work on…There was nothing short in that family which Jesus could restore or fulfill. If that was the case, that house would never had hosted the first miracle of Jesus. If the house had no shortage of wine, then that house would never take its position in the Gospels.

What if there was a lack and Jesus was not there

Have you ever thought of that situation? What if Jesus was not there present in that family as a guest? The situation would have been worse…Slowly, the guest in the family will know the lack of wine in the family. That would be a great disgrace for both the bride and the groom. Who knows whether this will affect the relationship they have with their families? In no time, people outside will come to know about the lack and the house will soon become a great disgrace among others . Soon the house of Cana will be the talk of the town. Six big vessels will be still there, lying somewhere in the back of the house, the servants could not have helped in anyway and also the water will just remain as water….if Jesus was not there. Do you realize the great privilege of having Jesus?

Now think about you as that house at Cana. We all love to have Jesus with us and have everything run smooth in our lives…no lacks, no shortage, no worries. But we forget that if Jesus is with us, no matter what we lack, there is always a better provision and a chance of miracle within you. Think about many others who go through difficult times and yet they do not have Jesus with them.Things will be still the same….yet no opportunity for a miracle.

Today, your life may not be the perfect one…but remember, with Jesus there is always a chance of miracle with the lacks in your life. You are not going to be just an ordinary person going through some ordinary are going to be that normal person going through some supernatural circumstances so that God could manifest His miracles through you and make you a miracle for others to know the mighty presence of Jesus with you. It is ok to have some lacks…as long as we have the provider with us.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Oh this was just too good! Rani, Jesus loves you big time and He just keeps these messages coming through you! I am smiling now at my lack and at my supernatural Provider, knowing He can do a miracle at anytime, whenever He knows is best! Thank you for doing your faithful best for Him. We are so blessed to have you! love, deb

  2. Thank you, Rani, for this encouraging message that awakens the spirit of its readers. It is the lack that prompts me to ask in my prayers. This message makes me think – If there was no lack, I need not ask and everything in my life will run normal; the feasting, the dancing, the wedding, etc. Although the breakthrough in my life that I am waiting for is lingering, I am sure that my Jesus is here with me. My God rejoices in doing good to me as well as to all His children. It is the Father’s pleasure! I feel so bubbly, Rani. One thing I know, because I trust in Him I will never be put to shame. Thank you for being that instrument in God’s hands to be used to awaken and persuade us to have more of faith and confidence in Jesus.
    Be richly blessed

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