Posted by: springsinthedesert | July 22, 2010

Be Filled And Then Pour Out

Something is so different in me, I thought. All these days, writing just happened without much of an effort. During the day, God will give me the inspiration for the devotion and when I sit down to write, it just flowed and I did not have to struggle writing it down. Things  have changed in the past few days…I sit for hours not even writing a single word….I write, delete everything, write them again…I have the thought…but putting into words has become really difficult…What happened? This was not the case few days back..Where did I go wrong?

Life has not been that easy in the past few weeks…and I feel that those experiences have made me stagnant   and  lifeless.  Though I spent time in prayer and meditation,  something is different….I do not feel His presence and I feel drained out and empty…As though I do not have anything to offer. How can I pour out, if my cup is empty and all used up?

With all these in mind, I was reading from the book of Luke, chapter 5. There we see Jesus calling the disciples for the ministry. Simon and his friends were tired from that day’s work and they were cleaning the net. Their boats were on the shore…Jesus climbed into Simon’s boat and asked him to put the boat a little far from the shore.

In my imagination, I see that boat speaking, “Hey, we are off duty right now…and we had a tough day. And what is this man going to do with me…back to the waters?? what for?” But Jesus got into that boat and started speaking to the crowd. A totally different purpose…something the boat was not used to…Did the boat feel the difference? Yes..there was a proof. Though the sea was not that favorable to Simon that day, in response to Jesus request, he obeyed and there was a great catch. The net was about to break and the boat was filled..Simon had to call the other boat and his friends so that he could share the catch which was overflowing his boat. Simon’s boat might have said..”Now I see the difference…This man’s presence made all the difference and if all this day, I was tired from the hard toil and still empty after a tough day…just few minutes with Jesus in   my boat has made all the difference…See I’m full and overflowing..and I cannot contain it within myself and I need someone else to share it with”

I was like that boat…all tired and tied up to the shore. The tough days and the troublesome experiences have overwhelmed me. I had fears  of  going  back to the sea…I reasoned, “ nothing is going to be different..its still going to be the same”….Only the presence of Jesus can make the difference…He alone can give me the catch that I had been struggling for. And the most interesting thing is that only if my boat is filled, can I share the catch with others.

Today, if you feel stagnant and not productive…then step back and see whether Jesus is there in your boat…If so, then there will be a great catch…spiritual fullness…an overflowing cup…I have been very true in expressing my feelings in this blog and I admit that I was empty in many ways….I need His renewal so badly and ask your prayers…


Rani John



  1. Rani,
    Dear sister, do not fear, all of us Christ followers go through this, I went through it a while back. Life was super busy, my mind got distracted and I would sit, and sit, type and delete too. Even God needed a rest after creating the world we live in. Gladwell, who is very dear to us has had to take time to get her affairs in order too. So don’t be so hard on yourself, God hasn’t left you, and he hasn’t removed the gift of words either, but maybe you need to take a little time to relax and refresh. I am going on vacation next week, and I plan to not write, but to play with my family. If I feel led to, I will write, if not I will resume when I return. God leads you Rani, and sometimes he leads us to rest. You are in my prayers, God Bless

  2. Rani,
    Thanks for today’s devotion. Sometimes I feel so exhausted and not able to attend my routine prayer meetings. God allows us to take rest so that we will be refreshed and can be used better. When we give our situations to God completely he will take charge of that. Rani you are a great vessel for his ministry and he is going to use you more.

  3. Sweet Rani, thank you for letting Him use you even in these hard days. To come here and say I feel empty . .. that’s not easy, but it’s honest. I started off ahead, with a weeks worth of devotions/poems ready to go. That way, when I have days that nothing comes, I think that He must want me to have a day off . . .or that I need extra time to get what He is trying to tell me. I am praying for you. You are precious and no matter what this may feel like, the truth is He loves you and is near to you. Thank you for this post, which encourages me in my tough days too! love, deb

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