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Your Nearest Kinsman–Jesus

Then she left, and went and gleaned in the field after the reapers. And she happened to come to the part of the field belonging to Boaz, who was of the family of Elimelech.

               Ruth 2:3

The other day, while singing a familiar song at church, one particular word from that song started coming to my heart again and again…’closest redeemer’….’nearest kinsman’. I really enjoy the way the Holy Spirit gives me a word and then develops a thought from that word. He led me to the book of Ruth and showed me the characteristics of Boaz to make me understand the real nature of a nearest kinsman. Today, through this devotion , I would like to introduce you to the nearest kinsman we have and understand His love towards us.

I would encourage you to read the book of Ruth to understand the context better. In this book we see Ruth as a young widow who decided to be with her mother-in-law as she returned to her hometown, Bethlehem.  Both Ruth and Naomi returned to Bethlehem, empty handed, without knowing how they are going to live in the coming days, as they did not have any male in the family to support them. Ruth, though new to the culture of Bethlehem, took the responsibility of being the bread winner for the family. A mere chance or a true destiny, I’m not sure…but she happened to glean in the field of Boaz, who was in the family of Elimelech, Naomi’s husband…who later became her nearest kinsman and redeemer. Let me explain the nature of this nearest kinsman.

He cares and protects

Seeing this new woman in his field, he asked his workers not to harm her in anyway and asked them to purposely put down sheaves so that she can glean among them. Boaz knew who she was and took the efforts to accommodate her in his field thereby providing her everything she need to start her life in the new place.

He restores lost inheritance

In those days, if the closest relative could not redeem the inheritance of the loved one, then the next in line had the opportunity. In this case, Ruth had a close relative, but he was not ready to redeem her inheritance and accept her..And so Boaz became her closest kinsman and paid the ransom and redemption price in full.

He provides acceptance among others

Ruth was a young widow, living with her old mother-in-law. She was new to Bethlehem. There was nothing in that place which made her life easier. And when Boaz decided to redeem her inheritance and accept her into his life, she was accepted among others not as a foreigner who has lost everything, but as a fortunate one to be in the family of the most respected person in the village.

He gives new relationship

All these days, she was known as a widow….a young woman who left everything…her family and hometown…to take up the responsibility of her late husband’s family. But on that day, when Boaz paid the ransom price and redeemed her and her inheritance, she not only received a place in his family, but a new and wonderful relationship. She was changed from a widow to a wife.

He gives meaning to life

While Ruth was back in Moab, she was just a wife. she had to go through the greatest heartbreak of her life…losing her husband and her family.At Moab,  she had never experienced the life of a mother…she did not understand what it is to have a child to call her own.But coming to Bethlehem and  being with Boaz, gave her a new meaning in life.  She experienced fruitfulness in life.

He gives a new purpose

Being a Moabite, Ruth should not have been in the genealogy of Christ. But getting married to Boaz, made her a part of His genealogy…place where a Moabite could never be seen. A new purpose was given to her relationship with her nearest kinsman.

A nearest kinsman will redeem his loved one, not out of responsibility alone…he does it out of pure love and grace and not because of any external compulsion. Just like Boaz, the closest redeemer, Jesus is our nearest Kinsman. And all these characteristics are so true about Him. He has redeemed us by paying the full price..He has done that for us…out of love and grace. He has cared and protected us. Through our relationship with Him, Jesus has given us a new life in Him..a purposeful and meaningful life. Have you met this redeemer? Have you happened to be in His field? If would never have to go to any other place for help…because He is your closest redeemer…who is the only one who paid your price in full.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. What a beautiful devotion, Rani! I love the book of Ruth . . .so full! God bless you for showing us our redeemer , our closest Kinsman! love, deb

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