Posted by: springsinthedesert | June 11, 2010

Confirmations From God

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

                Luke 2:19

Some of the promises that God has given us is really difficult for us to believe. We cannot see it happen, mostly because we have only limited vision. And when the circumstances that we face are really unfavorable for the fulfillment of that promise, then we doubt God and His promises. But God expects us to show a great faith from our side to see it fulfilled. And when the promise becomes really difficult for us to understand, He will engage other people and circumstances in your life so that you will be assured of His promise.

Let me tell you a great example to explain the above. The Gospel of Luke explain the birth of Jesus so beautifully. We know that Mary was betrothed to Joseph in Marriage and when the angel of the Lord appeared to Mary to share the Good News, even though it was difficult for her to understand the miracle behind Jesus’ birth, she did not doubt God’s promise …A virgin getting conceived without the union of a man was beyond her human understanding. Yet she believed the One who promised and replied “Be it unto me according to your Word”.

Just imagine yourself in Mary’s position. She is living in a culture and time where conception before marriage was not a common thing. She might have had fears about her future..Will Joseph be willing to marry her? What will be my future be? Did this really happen to me or is it just my imagination? How will I know that this is true? Who am I to be chosen by God to be the mother of Messiah? All these questions might have ruled her heart most of the time. Yet, she believed.

I love the ways God gave her signs and confirmations to strengthen her faith so that she can trust God. We read in Luke 1:36 that the angel ,along with the promise of a son confirmed her with a sign too. He said that Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin, who is  barren is conceived with a son in her old age. I believe that the Angel was reassuring her about this miracle-working God through a miracle in her own family member’s life.

God did not stop there..At different times, He gave her confirmations about the promise of Jesus. Even before Jesus was conceived, the angel had told her that He will be called the most High and will reign in the throne of David. But her circumstances did not help her in believing that…If he was a King, he would have been born in a palace…but see, He is born in a manger…God didn’t allow even a slight hint of doubt in her mind…The heavens were opened to few shepherds and the great revelation were sung to them by the Angels. They took the effort to find Jesus in the stable and worshipped Him…Not only that, they did not forget to mention about the Angels proclaiming the birth of the King in the city of David. That was the second confirmation.

As per the Law of Moses, the first born male was taken to the Temple of God to be consecrated and there in that Temple, God confirmed the promise about Jesus once again to Mary through Simeon (Luke 2:25-35)

Sometimes, just like Mary, the promises that God has given us are really difficult for us to understand. We don’t see them coming, we do not even see any favorable circumstances. Everything looks the same…and we do not see any doors opening for us. Yet, we believe…But God knows that we are weak in faith at certain times…and He will not let us doubt Him and His promises…And so He will give us signs and confirmations through the Word or through other Godly people, the assurance of His promises so that we will not be weak in our wait..

When God gives us confirmations, let us add them to our promises and wait patiently for it to be fulfilled..Just like Mary, let us treasure all those things and ponder them in our heart.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Thank you for the beautiful confirmation and encouragement for our lives in Jesus! I will ponder with you today . . .and with Him! love and joy for our journeys! deb

    • Let us ponder on all the confirmations He has offered us and be strengthened in Him as we wait patiently for our promises to be fulfilled.

      God Bless,

  2. Rani, I love they way God provided confirmation for Mary to help her continue in her faith and belief in what the Angel of the Lord told her. You are exactly right that He does the same for us. Peace, Linda

    • Thank You Linda for your constant encouragement…God Bless you and your ministry

  3. Rani, it feels like you have been reading my journals. I keep a daily journal for the very purpose of conversing with God, and noting in writing the things he’s promised, adding to them as confirmations come, and as I wait for their fulfillment. Thank you for this affirming post. I also want you to know that you indeed have a voice: it is calm, peaceful, and knowing. May your gifts continue to unfold in the most brilliant ways.

    • Thank you once again for your kind words which strengthened me and confirmed the fact that He is using me…I too keep journals to write down everything that He speaks to me…and I’m sure that Holy Spirit has seen yours and mine too…and so He works in ways that we are amazed..

      God Bless,

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