Posted by: springsinthedesert | June 10, 2010

Have You Known Your Heavenly Father’s Love??

Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God,  for I will yet praise him…

               Psalm 42:5

God had used my daughter to teach many truths about my relationship with my heavenly Father. Few days back, He showed me something through her which I was just waiting to share with you because it had a great impact on me. I was feeling very passive about my relationship with God…prayer and meditation was still there..yet the feeling of togetherness was not there. As though, I’m missing on something…may be His presence, His communion or just that feeling of carefree times with Him.

My daughter loves to go out for shopping with her dad and that day, my husband had promised to take her out. She was excited and was eagerly waiting for that evening. We were really busy that morning and when it was time for her nap, I did not have to force her. She was really tired..and just dozed off to sleep…My husband had some important errands to be done and had to go out without waiting for her to get up. I never thought that it will upset her that much..She got up and ran to the living room to find out that her dad was not there  and in the next minute , I saw tears flowing down her cheeks…I tried comforting her, “Dadda, had to go somewhere urgent…Its ok dear”. But my four year old was not ready to listen…In between her sobs, I could hear her whimpering…”I wanted to be with Dadda…but I slept off.”

She wanted to talk to Him so badly and so I called him on the phone, knowing that he was in the middle of something very important. As soon as he heard her cry over the phone, he told me, “Get her ready, I’m coming back to pick her up and we are going out”. I tried telling him that she’ll be fine in few minutes and he can continue with his work. But he was back home in few minutes to take her with him. As soon as she saw him, she ran to him saying, “I love going out with you Dadda…that’s all”. I looked at my husband and saw a look on his face which said..”I had to come back for her…she was in tears”

That evening , after they left, I was sitting in my couch drinking my tea and I heard my Heavenly Father speak to me..”I know that you are weak and emotionally tired…You try your level best to be awake spiritually and be with me so that you can enjoy my presence….but sometimes…I see you as heavy laden and tiresome….not experiencing the presence of ME in your life..and you miss those opportunities to be with me”. I cried and said, “Yes Father, I am in that exact state right now…I know you are there with me…yet I do not feel your presence..I feel that I’m asleep and I miss our times together”. He asked me, “What did your daughter do when she really wanted her dad?, Immediately when she realized that she slept off and missed her chance to go out with her dad, she cried out to him, didn’t she??”

Even before an answer came out of my mind, He said, “If an earthly father could not resist his daughter’s cry , how much more will your Heavenly Father do for you. I have not only created you, but paid the price for you. Don’t just acknowledge those missed opportunities and remain silent…Cry out and I will come for you”. That small but so loving revelation was more than enough to pump up my spirits…Through my tears, I could feel a sense of joy…a peace to be in His presence and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. My brokenness was being restored and I felt whole again.

Today, are you tired and weary? Do you say that I cannot take it any longer? Do you feel that your soul is asleep within and at the same time miss those happy moments with your Father??Let me tell you…He knows that we are weak..He knows that life hits us real hard and we often feel discouraged and depressed. Yet, when we choose to cry out, longing for His presence…He will come back for us…not with a condemning heart, but with His loving arms wide open…to embrace you and to be with you..Because, you are His precious child and He cannot see you in tears.. Join with me in singing this beautiful song which talks about our Father’s love.


God Bless,

Rani John                     



  1. I love so much that He used the situation with your daughter to speak to you . . .that you cried out for your heavenly Abba. I do know what you mean by missing His presence at times . . .and I wonder what I’m doing wrong. I know He is still with me, but miss that special closeness. Thank you so much for sharing your time with Him, so I too can cry out for Him and see how He responds in love. Blessings and love, deb

    • Yes, the lessons that he teach through my life has a greater impact…When I say that I miss His presence, I mean to say that I know that He is there with me…but I do not feel His peace or joy…But I’m glad to say that whenever I cry out to Him, He comes one step closer to me…

      God Bless,

  2. Rani, thank you once again for sharing your experience. Many a times I felt the same way too. The overwhelming demands of everyday-life cleverly keep us away from His presence. The sweet still voice of Jesus asks, “Could you not keep watch with me for one hour?”, yet He knows at certain times my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak bombarded with anxiety, disappointments, delays, tiredness, emotions and what not. I thank God for you, Rani, for affirming the comforting Word that I received yesterday after my prayers, “ I have heard your prayers and seen your tears”. Thank you for making yourself available to be used by God.

    • Thank you Susan…Your comments always add something special to my thoughts…and I thank God for that…
      God Bless,

  3. Rani,
    today is one of those days where everything I read is just like it is written for me. This message is just so. I have been struggling this week, and next week is going to be really rough too, as there are some really big things happening, and some long awaited answers coming due. I feel wore down and needed to be refilled, and this story has reminded how my father really feels about me. God Bless

    • Jim,

      I have been there many times too…but its os comforting to know that He uses different people to assure us about His love and care…

      You are in my prayers …

  4. Rani,

    I have learned over the years…in those times of tiredness and half-conscious of His Presence to go back to the Psalms. And every time…He speaks something afresh…to lighten up my soul. He knows we are just flesh and blood. And for that, I am grateful. I am refreshed in Him!

    Thank you for calling us to go call on OUR PAPA!


    • Gladwell,

      Its a previlege to call our Abba Father…Its an hoinor to be His child and I’m glad that we are sisters through Him

      God Bless,

  5. Rani, What a wonderful story you have shared! So real and transparent, one we can all relate to at times. This reminds me of a song by Third Day called “Cry Out to Jesus.” If in the midst of our troubles we cry out to Him, He will answer. Peace, Linda

    • Thank you…I love when He speaks to me through my life…because I feel that they stay with me more than any other lessons…
      I have not heard that song before…will listen to that


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