Posted by: springsinthedesert | May 28, 2010

Let Us Hit That Homerun

Do you believe that God can speak to you through something that is outside your comfort zones? I do believe. Few months back, one night, I heard a voice saying to me three times…”To hit a homerun, you need to run through all the bases”. I got up really confused because sports is something that is beyond my comfort zone and can God really speak sports???, I wondered. I do not know anything about baseball (though ashamed to admit) and the excuse that I often give myself is that I lived in a country where Cricket is the popular game. I am in this country for past 6 years and so is my unfamiliarity with baseball. But the real truth is that I’m not a sportsperson. I do not know much about Cricket too.

That morning, when I got up, I knew I had to know more about baseball to understand what He meant. And so I began…googled, searched the encyclopedia..and finally understood the basics and that itself was going over my head. Now what??..I thought. How would I relate this to what God spoke to me???I knew I cannot get that in Google…so I plainly asked Him. And the spirit which gave the word explained it to me so well. He said, “Hitting a homerun is the most rewarding and appreciated thing in baseball..There are different bases in a believers life too…One has to go through all of them to hit the homerun…or to finish the race. You cannot say that I’ll skip that base because it is painful to be there…When you go through each base successfully and come back home…the reward is a homerun or may be a grand slam. You also get to bring the players on the bases back home”

Let me tell you one thing…Whatever you are going through right now is part of your game. Its  important for you to go through that because God has a specific purpose. Whether you know it or are one base closer for that homerun. God is strengthening you spiritually to be more closer to Him. And that experience you endure will help you strengthen many others going through the same.

Looking back from where I stand, now I’m able to see why God led me through some pain and loss in life. All those tears were for a reason..He had plans to encourage others through me and that would have never happened if I did not pass through those phases in life. It is the same with you too. Right now , you might not understand the reason..but one day, you’ll look back and say “It was well worth it because the reward and the appreciation from God is so great.”

I do not know whom I’m talking this to but I feel that there is at least one person out there who needed to hear this. You know why..I have been postponing this thought for quite sometime only because I was scared to write about baseball which was outside my comfort zone and I feared that I will write some blunders. But God loves that one person so much that He confirmed this thought again in me and I could not resist such strong urgency to write.   So let us hit that homerun.

God Bless,

Rani John 



  1. Rani . . .I just love this, love you getting that message from Him about baseball, you having to look that up, you feeling uncomfortable but writing anyway. It makes perfect sense to me! I’ve had some strange messages too . . .once He gave me something very encouraging to me through these tadpoles we had. ! ha! God bless you and keep speaking to your heart. Thank you for sharing! deb

    • Deb,

      I knew that many of my blogger friends could relate to what I wrote…Sometimes its really strange right? You dont fee comfortable with something and God asks you to do that…and at the end you will realize that there was a purpose behind it. I would like to hear about those tadpoles…

      God Bless,

  2. Awsome! I really love it when the Spirit of God whispers to us and tells us messages like this! Its true, we do have to go to all the bases but I’d rather go to each base surrendered to God and willing to go just trusting in Him and believeing His word and just focused on home base as opposed to crying and fighting and doubting His will! By the way, I was raised only in the u.s. and I still am not a sports person. I can watch a little bit of soccer and thats it!
    God bless you

    • Desiree,

      Thank you…Yes..such thoughts will always remain in our know why..they are from things we are not that familiar with. Glad to know that there are people like me …I thought I would be the only one who does not like sports…

      God Bless,

  3. Rani, I am laughing because I put off posting what I posted yesterday for quite some time. Then I finally posted it, and someone did a search for “God and music” and found the post. God’s timing is perfect, and I trust that the one person who really needs to hear what you have written will find this post. Peace, Linda

  4. Ditto on the unusual message from the Lord. The Lord once described a relationship of mine as “in
    congruent”. I rarely heard the word used, but seeing the definition, made perfect sense. I also have had the Lord reecntly state, that He is going to give me this certain thing. This has no attachment to a burning desire of my own, but seems more like a gift He wants to give me. I’ve asked Him to show me if there’s something “I” need to do to make this happen, bc I do want to be obedient and in faith about it. No word yet…hope I didn’t miss Him on this!

    • I pray that you will recieve all the special gifts He has for you and use it for the glory of God…


  5. Hi again Rani! I’ll share about those tadpoles . . .you may need a good laugh! ha! I had gotten Aubrey a special frog habitat. You order the tadpoles, keep them in this habitat and get to watch them change into frogs. Cool, huh? Only our tadpoles didn’t change into frogs as quickly as I thought they would. Months went by . . .a year. At the same time, I felt kind of like those tadpoles . . .isolated, in a stagnant environment, no change in sight. Then, I asked about them at our local pet shop. The man told me some tadpoles take up to 2 years to change, not to worry. Who knew? And that was God telling me that He saw me, knew what was going on, and things were going to change, at the right time. His time! Love in Jesus! You are precious to Him and to me! deb

    • Deb,

      Who knew those tadpoles had a message to me too…Thank you so much Deb…I was there today morning…feeling so depressed…not seeing any change…But you came to me at the right time…Now I’m assured that He sees me no matter what..and He knows what is going on…and things will defenitely change because He is in control…

      Thank you so much for taking the effort to write to me about those tadpoles….That was meant for me…Spirit works in many ways to support us…right???
      Yet another testimony to say that He knows the heart of His children…

      God Bless and have a great weekend..

  6. Rani,
    I know how you feel about not posting something you don’t understand, I have a few of those I still don’t know how to put together. This is a very important post because of the truth in it. Life is a series of victories and failures, and to enjoy the victories, you must endure the pain. God Bless

  7. You are so welcome Rani . . .I am so blessed to be able to share that and for it to have meaning to you too, at the right time! He is so gracious and wonderful and He loves your heart that yearns for Him! your friend in Christ! deb

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