Posted by: springsinthedesert | May 7, 2010

Reach Out….Because Many Are Weary And Tied

Is this not the fast that I have chosen: To loose the bonds of wickedness, To undo the heavy burdens, To let the oppressed go free, And that you break every yoke?

             Isaiah 58:5

In these months of my blogging venture, God has often directed me to topics which was not my first personal choice. There were days in which He would just tell me thoughts in one word…like yesterday’s thought..He spoke to me ‘Rehab’ while I was sitting in a bible study..Thats it..nothing more. many times have I wished that He would tell me more….But I’m sure that all my fellow bloggers can agree in one thing that when you listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction in writing…even though  at first, you may not know what to write exactly….by the end of the post…you will see Holy Spirit working through you and words flowing effortlessly.

Now, why am I writing this in today’s devotion?? I was reading from Luke 19 and came across the scripture where it is mentioned that Jesus sent two of His disciples to the neighboring village to loosen a colt which was tied. Reading that, I started thinking about that situation and wondered how would have I reacted to that. Jesus is asking them to go the opposite village to find a colt that is tied…I would have asked Him a hundred questions…Where exactly will I find the colt, Lord? What if we do not find one immediately? Are you sure that the owners will let them go with us? What if they do not allow us to take the colt?…And after all, I do not know the purpose of this colt…you said..’you need it’..but what if the owner asked the exact purpose?……..I can come up with more…But I’m glad that the disciples simply listened without asking any questions.

They did exactly as He said and found the colt immediately as they entered the village. No questions asked..straight to the colt that was tied…The owners definitely asked, “Why are you loosing it?”…They said exactly what Jesus asked them to say…nothing more..nothing less…”The Lord has need of it”. Did you notice one thing…when the disciples did exactly what Jesus said..there were no further delays or objections…The owner did not even ask..”Which Lord are you talking about?,  and Why does He need my colt, ”  He did not even ask the disciples to bring it back after the purpose is served…Can you imagine an owner leaving his asset just like that? When you listen to Jesus without questions and obey Him completely…your purpose in life is fulfilled without any objections…and the outcome is effortless and productive.

You and me are called to loosen many who are tied. God knows exactly where they are…which city and in which condition…He knows the exact time when the help has to be sent. If we are willing to listen to Him and do exactly as He has asked , the help will be reached at the exact time to that specific person in bondage. We may not know the way to reach that person..nor how to loosen the bondage. But the Holy Spirit will direct you in your path and will give you the exact words to talk to them. Just the word of God spoken in authority is sufficient to loosen that bondage… Your willingness to obey will help someone to be loosened from their bondage and you will be able to bring them to Jesus…for that great purpose He has for them.

So next time, when you hear Him speak, though it might be strange and you might not know how to carry out His plans..just trust in Him and obey Him without questions…you will see many colts loosened for Jesus. That colt will be tied until you reach there….Though the beginning of the journey may not be that certain and promising…the return is much easier…straight to Jesus with the loosened colt on your side…the victory of obedience.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Rani,

    Oh…how true this is. Yet…many times, I have considered quiting as the better option. Like you said, we might never know who were are reaching out to…if we choose not to obey. When God says…go, He has already prepare and removed all the obstacles we might fear to encounter along the way. Thank you for calling us to pick up from where we stopped and move on encouraged that He is on our side!

    What a blessed hope we have.

    Have a great and peaceful weekend.

    Love, Gladwell

    • Gladwell,

      I have been there many the point of quiting…but the Holy Spirit has led me this far…and I’m sure He will lead us to our ultimate purpose if we are willing to listen…Few things may seem so strange and not very productive….but one and me will realise the whole purpose behind everything…

      Have a great weekend…sister..

  2. I love how the Spirit guides you to write . . .and how the Spirit guides us to others, if we listen. 🙂 God bless you! deb

    • Thank you Deb…When you listen to the Spirit..He will make things right..even though you may not feel right in the beginning…

      Have a great weekend…
      God Bless,

  3. Rani, The victory of obedience is sweet! Peace, Linda

    • Thank you Linda…Have a blessed weekend…

      God Bless,

  4. Great post Rani,
    Listening to the spirit does not often seem logical, but afterward most of the time the reason is revealed. Sometimes following the spirit will ruffle others feathers, this week it was put on my heart by the spirit to tell a supervisor at work who is my boss and has fallen away from Christ something he didn’t want to hear. In my prayers for him, I saw an image of him shriveled and sick, obviously near death, and it was put on my heart to deliver the message to him that “you will be broken”. Not unless you come back, not unless you get your life right, no unlesses, but simply, “you will be broken”. He became frightened and fearful, because he knows I follow the Spirit. It may be that God used me to guide him back to the Lord through fear, I don’t know, but I did what the Spirit led me to do anyway. Thanks for the message Rani
    God Bless

    • Jim,

      Thank you for that great testimony…I have learned to listen to the Spirit in a hard way…so I make sure that I’ll do what He says…Few years back…God had asked me to share gospel with a neighbor in my hometown….I was rather scared to do it because he was my father’s age and a very respectable person…I delayed and delayed and finally decided to write a letter about salvation…that way I do not have to face him right???.But you know what…the day the letter was posted..he was admitted in the hospital…He went into a coma…and few days later passed away. While he was in the hospital…me and my father went to the hospital to see him and I’ll never forget that moment…I prayed in tears…but have no idea whether he heard it or not…It was very difficult for me to face that death…eventhough that person was not even close to me…Later when I asked God about this whole thing…He said..”From this will learn to obey me without any delay”…From that day onwards..I try to obey Him without asking any questions..I know I’m not perfect…but still learning obedience..

      Jim, I’m so happy that you responded to the Holy Spirit….I’m sure God will let you see the victory…
      God Bless,

  5. “When you listen to Jesus without questions and obey Him completely…your purpose in life is fulfilled without any objections…and the outcome is effortless and productive.”

    Thank you for this Rani. It was a reminder I needed to hear. Blessings,


    • Eden,

      Thank you for stopping by…God Bless you and your minsitry


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