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Share Your Jesus

He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.

           Mark 16:15

For past couple of days, we had a prayer meeting in our church and it was so refreshing to our souls. It was as though God wanted to confirm certain things in my life. He will make me read and meditate on certain passages from the Bible and when I go to church, the same topic will be preached by the servant of God. That way, I was so sure that God wanted to speak to me from the same. I would like to mention one subject that God confirmed in my life.

Before going into details, I would like to tell you an incident from William Carey’s life to affirm my topic for today. The preacher mentioned about  William Carey, a missionary from England who went to India. He was a shoemaker by trade and when God called him, he decided to go to India to preach the Gospel. When he accepted Jesus as his personal savior, he had made a decision to share the Gospel with at least one person in a day. By the end of one day, he would have shared the Good News to a person. One day, he could not find that particular person which God wanted him to share the Gospel…It was already late and he was really upset that he could not make his commitment for that day. While he was sitting sad, he saw a man dressed in rags coming towards him..He looked very filthy and sick. He felt the urge to speak to that man and he used that opportunity to share about Jesus. Immediately after hearing the good news and accepting Christ, that man fell on the ground and died. William Carey’s commitment and dedication towards the decision he took was so rewarding through that one man itself…through one man’s dedication, he got a chance to know Jesus before he left this earth.

How is our commitment towards God? will we take the decision to share the Gospel to at least one person a day? How about taking the decision to pray for one person in a day? Can we do that? In the book of John, first chapter, we read that Andrew was the first person who followed Jesus. The first thing he did was to go tell Simon Peter about Jesus. Not only that he told him about the master, he made sure that he brought Simon to Jesus. Seeing Simon, Jesus told him that he will be called Cephas. God definitely had plans about Peter…but what if Andrew failed to tell him about Jesus.Now you might tell me that if God had plans about Peter, he would definitely come to Jesus through some other way if not through Andrew….And I agree. But I believe that bringing Simon to Jesus was Andrew’s purpose in life and if he missed that chance, he missed the opportunity to do God’s will. In the next few verses of the same chapter, we read that Philip who followed Jesus, saw Nathanael and asked him to come and see the Jesus of Nazareth.

What if God has assigned one person in everybody’s life to share the gospel? And what if we do not do it? When God spoke to me from this chapter of John, I burst into tears..I asked God to show me that person when I pass by…I asked Lord to lead me to that person and at the same time give me the courage to share Jesus…may be through my words or through my actions.…We never know, we may be assigned someone like Simon Peter who in later years are going to be greatly used by God.

Today, let us ask God to show us our purpose in life….It may not be that easy for us to go preach to the corners of this world…but what about that one person in your neighborhood, in your work place, in your school or  in your church. God is expecting a Simon Peter or Nathanael with us when we follow Him.  I love the chorus of this famous song

          “Must I go, and empty handed?”

           Must I meet my Savior so?

           Not one soul with which to greet Him,

           Must I empty-handed go?

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Rani,
    This message speaks to my heart, I have never heard of William Carey, but I can relate to the story. I never feel like the soul winner I wish to be, We seldom ever see the seed come to fruition, ours is only to sow and water, But we MUST do that, God decides about the growth. Thank you for this encouraging message. God Bless

    • Jim,
      Thank you for your comment…When God spoke to me through William Carey’s life, I asked God…”How many days did I waste Lord?” It was like a wake up call…There were so many people in my life that I had stopped praying for not seeing any change…Carey’s commitment towards God made me see my failures in my commitments towards God.
      As you said, sowing and watering is our part..and making them grow is His. We do not have to worry about that…

      God Bless,

  2. Oh Rani! Thank you for encouraging us to go to that one person He is wanting us to share Him with today! This reminds me of a blog I’ve been following, of another nature. It’s called the Year of Giving, and this gentleman is finding someone to give $10 to each day. Surely if he can do it with $10, so can we with our Lord! Blessings and thanks! deb

    • Deb,
      Yes…We can do many things for Christ if we really know our purpose in life. God has given us special talents and opportunities which only we have..Our pastor often says..there is no retirement in doing God’s work…there is no age limit…no culture barriers.

      Let us all be willing to do what He has called us to do….because there is not much time…HE IS COMING
      God Bless,

  3. Rani,

    A great challenge. Each one of us…has a gift that can be used to bring many into the saving knowledge of Christ. The important thing is to ask God to show us what our gifts are and lead us to the place where He wants us to go. But above all, like you said…prayer is the best way to start before we set out. Thank you for give us a great example of William Carey. A blessed man he was!



    • Gladwell,

      Atleast, praying is something we all can do…What I have noticed in my own life is that…its not your gift that matters…for me its my commitment towards the decision that I have made that matters…Few years back, I have decided to pray for someone until a change can be seen…but when I saw that there are not much changes in him even after praying for long…I stopped praying for him faithfully….persistently…I think God wanted to recheck all my commitments towards Him through this devotion.

      God Bless,

  4. Rani,
    Thank you for reminding us about our service to the Lord rather than our service to ourselves. We are so lost in our own needs and desires that we have to find time to serve God whereas God forgot His own needs and desires and went to the cross to serve us!

    • Vineet,

      We are often worried about ourselves and take granted what we have recieved…Some other times, we think that we are not capable enough to share what we have…But we forget that we can do anything and everything through Him who strengthens us..So let us all continue doing what He has called us to do

      God Bless,

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