Posted by: springsinthedesert | April 22, 2010

He Remained Silent For You And Me

He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth.

             Isaiah 53:7

Whenever I read this verse from the book of Isaiah, it breaks my heart. To know that the God who created the heaven and the earth, remained silent for me is just heart breaking. For today’s devotion I would like to take your attention to the level of obedience Jesus went through to save a sinner like you and me.

Before going any further, I would like to write few things about this man mentioned in the book of Isaiah. He, being one in the trinity, was there when everything that we see in this world was created from nothing.Jesus is the only one who had a miracle birth. He is the only one who raised the dead. Jesus Christ is the only one who had walked on the water and fed five thousand from the five loaves of bread. He  is the only one who had tremendous influence on our world that by His death, our history was divided into two; BC and AD. And above all, He is the only one who died for my sins.

He was beaten and terribly ridiculed. They spat on His face and pierced nails on His hands..He was given a crown of thorns and a heavy cross was forced on Him. Remember, He suffered all this, though being the creator of all these men who persecuted Him. He could have offered any other alternatives for salvation. Yet, He chose to die for you and me.

Just like a sheep led to slaughter, He accepted His destiny thinking that you and me might be given the chance to eternity. Did satan laugh at Jesus when He went through all this suffering? Did he ridicule Jesus for the cross that He had to bear? I do not know, but I know that He accepted the shame of that cross, so that you and me can be a part of His future glory.

Do you understand the magnitude of Jesus’ obedience on that cross? He was obedient to His Father even to death on that cross. If that is so…how is our obedience towards Him. We read in the Bible that obedience is better than sacrifice. What else can we offer Him other than being obedient to Him?

Today, I do not want to write much…but I would like to encourage you to meditate on that cross….the pain and suffering that Jesus had to go through for you. Are you saved by the blood of Jesus Christ? If Holy Spirit is reminding you any areas of your life in which God expects obedience…then please do not delay. If you have truly understood the worth of salvation, then nothing in this world would prevent you from obeying Jesus Christ…Holy Spirit was forcing me to write this subject of salvation and obedience today and so I believe that there is at least one person out there who was destined to hear it…If you are that one person, please do not wait for another day. Submit yourself for a complete obedience.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Dear Rani, thank you for your obedience to Him, to write this! I will be considering the price He paid and any areas where I am not obeying Him today! God bless! deb

    • Deb,
      My thoughts were leaning towards other topics..but He wanted me to write and I felt it so strong….Obedience is something God taught me the hard way…so that lesson will always remain in my life…not that I’m perfect…but I try my level best to obey Him…But there are few other areas where I need some correction though..

      Hope this thought was a blessing to you

      God Bless

  2. Rani
    Your sweet messages of love to the Savior are always piercing to the heart, and this one particularly so. Anything that fosters humility and submission to the Lamb that was slain is of God. The Holy Spirit has led you down the right path, as always. God Bless

    • Thank you so much Jim…I just want to be a useful instrument in His hand. The greatest subject anyone can preach in this world is salvation..and I would like writing about it till the end of my life.

      God Bless,

  3. Hi Rani,

    Amen. At times…we take for granted the HIGH PRICE of our calling. But as you said…our obedience is so little in comparison to what the Lord Jesus did for us. I want to obey…and even when I am not able to…I repent and raise up again…and walk on in Him.

    Something to reflect upon today. Thank you, my dear!


    • Gladwell,

      I think the full worth of salvation could be expereinced only when we are with Him and then we get a chance to realise what we have gained…Till then we may have some shortcomings here and there…but I believe that Holy Spirit will lead us to the fullness of obedience that He expects from us…Yes, as you said, sometimes we may not be able to obey Him completely…but when we take an effort to try..He will help us in our walk ahead..

      God Bless,

  4. Max Lucado wrote a great book called “He Chose the Nails.” It is a great reminder that Jesus did not have to suffer for our sake. He could have chosen to leave us in our sinful and unredeemed state. But when I think of the cross, it is not the pain of the nails or the scourge or the crown of thorns that leads me to tears of appreciation – it is the realization that He bore all our sins upon Him, and that at that moment, the Father who could not look upon sin, had to look away. A connection that had existed from before time was severed for just a brief moment for my sake and yours. Peace, Linda

    • Linda,

      I always love to read all your comments because you all add lot of wisdom to my thoughts…Thank you for your insight in this subject…As you said…that moment when the Heavenly Father took His eyes off from His son..might have been the hardest of all…because He did that for me…an unworthy like me and hid His face to His beloved, sinless son…I love Him for that immeasurable love towards me even when I was a sinner..
      Thank You Linda…
      God Bless,

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