Posted by: springsinthedesert | April 10, 2010

He holds The Other End

He will never leave you nor forsake you.

      Deuteronomy 31:6

All these months, I have been writing posts only on weekdays and not on weekends..From this week onwards, I’m thinking to write a small verse, a short story or a song for the weekend. Hope you all will enjoy.

Today, I thought I will share  a story with you. I remember a story about a small boy who went down a cliff to get his kite. He was playing and his kite got stuck in a bush. Two strangers passed by and saw the boy bending over the cliff struggling to get the kite. They offered him help by giving him a rope and told him that they will hold the other end of the rope and he can go down the cliff and get the kite. The boy looked at them and down at the cliff and he ran away. When the strangers stood there wondering where he went, he came running back with his Father. He asked his Father to hold one side of the rope and he went down the cliff like a brave boy. When they asked why he did not do the same when they said they will hold the rope, he smiled and answered..” When I go down the cliff, I know that its my Father on the other side of the rope and I know he will not let go”.

In the same way, if we are sure about the relationship that we have with our God and we know that He will not leave us no matter what , we will surrender our lives to Him, not ninety-five percent…but hundred percent

May God Bless you with this small thought.

Rani John



  1. Very nice. God is really dealing with me about trusting Him when things look hopeless.
    Im so glad you are writing on the weekends too. I missed reading your blog when the weekends would come.
    love and prayers

  2. Thank you for encouraging us in Him today! What a beautiful thought for us to hold onto, that He is holding onto us. God bless you and have a great weekend! love, deb

  3. Rani,
    that was a small encouragement, but a powerful one. It gives me great comfort that no matter how bad things get in my daily life, God has my rope. God Bless sister

  4. Simple story,but with a great and deeper meaning. ‘Child like faith and trust’. Know the love and poetential of the father.

  5. yeah .. thats Good keep on writing every day.. Rani.

    And a very good story .. Thanks Dear..

    Smitha Jose

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