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Do Not Miss God’s Purpose For Today

Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.

                  Daniel 6:10

For me, today was one of those days in which you do not feel like doing what you are supposed to do. A lethargic attitude towards everything…’what is the whole purpose’ kind of feeling overpowered by heart. This feeling was prominent only in my spiritual life.…I did my chores better than any other day…took care of my daughter, spent quality time with her in the park, even did my boring routine of exercise…but when it came to writing in my blog…all of a sudden..I felt no mood to write…as though I did not have anything to share. I did not feel like reading my Bible..did not take time for meditation…All that I did to nurture my soul was to read the other blogs that I follow..That is it.

I knew that something was wrong.I felt that its better for me to skip writing today’s devotion. But somehow I felt in my heart that this is Satan’s trick to take me away from God’s plan. I did not want to give up because of his dirty tricks..No matter how long it will take, I was persistent that I will not fall into his net and move away from what God has in store for me and others through today’s devotion.

After reading my Bible for sometime, I came across Daniel chapter 6..and suddenly I knew what I should write for today..something that I can relate to..In the beginning of that chapter, we see the King Darius’ hierarchy of high officials with Daniel being one of the three administrators who ruled over 120 satraps. Because of Daniel’s exceptional qualities, the King had decided to make him ruler of all the Kingdom and this displeased the others. So they tried to find fault with him with no success. Finally they understood that Daniel can be trapped only in something that is associated with the law of his God. We know the rest of the story. As a result of their conspiracy,  they decided to persuade the King to pass a decree that anyone who prays to any other men or other God except to the King for the next thirty days will be thrown into the lion’s den. In those days, according to the law of Medes and Persians, a decree issued by the King cannot be revoked.

Today, I would like to take you to the house of Daniel. God directed me to his attitude towards that decree. Daniel came back to his house, opened his windows to Jerusalem and prayed on his knees three times a thanks to His God. He continued his routine. What a bold faith!

If I was in Daniel’s place, I would have closed the window or may be open the window just a little bit so that I can see a glimpse of Jerusalem(Jews in prayer always turn towards Jerusalem)..and cut down my prayer times to just one and added a comment..”My God will surely understand my situation”. I’m glad that he was different. No wonder God gave him greater revelations about the future.

While reading that chapter, God spoke to me that Satan always try to put us in trap especially in areas of our relationship with God. For him it does not matter if we live a good life or not, whether we give alms to the needy or not..All that matter to him is our relationship with God…He will always try to destroy that..He will plan up all kinds of tricks to take our attention from God’s plan in our lives for that day, he tries to make us busy so that we will not read His word, he plans up situations in life so that we will not pray and sometimes he even puts up that lethargic feeling in us so that we will not do the things that God expected from us…During Daniel’s time, Satan worked through those people so that a decree will be issued against worshipping the living God. Satan might have thought in two ways…If at all Daniel obeyed the decree, he would fall from God’s eyes and if he did not obey the King’s orders, he could be completely destroyed from the face of this earth and thereby end his purpose in this world.

But when you decide to follow God’s heart and obey Him alone, you might be thrown into the lion’s den..there might be no exception there..but you will be the only one who survived that den of lions…May be the den’s door was double sealed by the enemy, but there is a God who comes down to save you….Because of your bold decision to obey the living God, many will come to know the God of Israel and get a chance to worship your God. If Daniel had fallen into that trap set by the enemy, not only that he will be destroyed, many others will not know about the God of Daniel who saves him even from the mouth of lions..

So today, let us pray that nothing in this world, no tricks, no gimmicks, no situations and  no people should take our attention away from God’s expectation. God wants us to do certain things meant for today..not for tomorrow..and if you do not do it in its perfect time, its purpose is missed…so let us continue listening to God and not to our emotions…because Satan can trick you with your emotions…just like he did with me today. I’m glad that I did not listen to him…and miss God’s opportunities meant  for today.

In Him,

Rani John



  1. keep on inspiring!

    • Thank you for visiting…God Bless you and keep you safe always…


  2. Rani,

    Thank you…I have felt like this many times too..but I keep telling myself no matter what…I WILL KEEP MY HAND ON THE PLOUGH AND NEVER LOOK BACK. Luke 9:62 I want to be a Daniel on my times.

    Blessings to you, my dear!


    • Thank you for that scripture…You see results when you take that bold decision for our Lord…He acknowledges our efforts to do anything and everything for Him…He cannot withold himself from coming down even to the lion’s den to save us…


  3. That’s so true. Sometimes we do get distracted.Thanks for the thought.Let nothing in this world takes from that quality time with God.Thanks Rani

    • Thank you….Satan tries to distract us only in our relationship with God…In a day, we will have time to do everything else and when it comes to prayer or reading bible…we think its ok and our Lord will understand…..At the origin of that thought itself, satan succeeds in his plan..Beware of him…because he is the father of lies.

      God Bless you and your family,

  4. Wow! This hit home for me today. You have reinforce something God has been trying to tell me for the past few weeks regarding prayer and literally getting on my knees. Satan tried to dissuade you from sharing this message, but thanks be to God you were faithful and shared what He wanted you to share. Peace, Linda

    • Thank you Linda…Satan plays his tricks a lot these days…especially with my mood, emotions and circumstances….Need to pray about it and overcome his tactics…

      I’m glad that God spoke to you through today’s devotion…It feels good to know that someone is benefited from our small efforts for Jesus..

      God Bless,

  5. Rani,
    For being a day cursed by the devil, you wrote a message that spoke to my heart like you would not believe. You see, this week has been dogged by the devil, I have let him instill worry and fear into me today. No-one triumphs over God, so I needed to hear this. This was JUST what I needed to hear. Thank you and God Bless

    • Jim..I cannot tell you how thankful I am to the Holy Spirit for not letting me give up today’s devotion…Sometimes..I just think..whats the big deal…I can write tomorrow..but from all the comments, I understand that many were touched by this thought and I’m glad that I did not miss what God had to tell me and many others…Its not me…full credit goes to the one who works in me…

      Please remember me in your prayers…because I see the devil doing a lot of tricks with me these days….

      God Bless,

  6. Rani,
    I am in the same boat as you! In the last 24 hours, I have been hit hard in my ‘walking in faith’ arena. My emotions have been screaming in the opposite direction as my faith. In fact my ‘screaming’ emotions have shifted my focus off of the promises of God and on my feelings and emotions and even starting to ‘feel’ doubt. Today when I was really praying hard about this, I was suddenly so sleepy and lithargic that i felt as if i could just take a nap and just seek God later! But praise God, I kept going and the feeling did leave. Thank you for your blogging ministry. It really does help and encourage me alot. Lets just keep fighting the good fight of faith!

    • Desiree,

      After a whole day of negative emotions, finally when I decided not to give up on what God has called me to do…I did not know what was ahead…what I am going to write…but reading all your comments gives me the assurance that Holy Spirit still works His wonders…This is a great encouragement for me..because these days Satan tries to put a thought in me..”Is it really Holy Spirit or is it just your thoughts…soemthing that is coming out of your knowledge”…..Today, I can look staright at him and shout..”Yes, the Lord is working within me and with so many others”

      I can totally understand what you said…I myself had put God next in the list many a times…And I’m glad that the Holy Spirit within us do not let us give up that easily..
      God Bless my dear,

  7. Amen .Thanks for sharing Rani , This is so true for me too.. It was God’s plan to tell me about what I need to do rather than thinking am I capable. Its not by our strength but by the grace of God and his Holy Spirit, helps us in our day to day lives to fo what we need to do , so we do not miss the purpose…

    God Bless you dear

    Smitha Joseph

    • Thank you so much Smitha…I’m so happy to know that this devotion spoke to you…Satan tries all kinds of tricks to take us away from that day’s purpose…I have noticed that especially in my fasting…Whenever I decide to fast, something or other will come up to ruin my fast…I’m not talking about the food…but spending time with the Lord…and thereby ruins my time with the Lord…this devil is really cunning…

      I’m glad that he did not succeed in his plans today…I was awake till 3 in the morning to finish this devotion…but so happy that I did.

      God Bless,

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