Posted by: springsinthedesert | March 23, 2010

Wait For The Lord….You Will Not Be Put to Shame

For since the beginning of the world Men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, Nor has the eye seen any God besides You, Who acts for the one who waits for Him

            Isaiah 64:4

God has been teaching me to wait on Him from the time I started to follow Him as my Master.  Nothing in my life was given easily…For everything, God will set a time, I’ll have to wait…be on my knees, cry until that thing will no longer be my first priority. And finally when I receive the promise, God would have taught me a great lesson and I would reach a state where I will always remember the hand of God who worked the miracle in me. Till now, He has given me everything…let me correct it…the best of everything and I can say that the wait was worth it. But my life shows that even after all these lessons, I have not reached the mark that my Master has set for me, because I’m still waiting for His promises. Hopefully one day, I’ll meet His expectations.

Few months back, I think I have written a thought regarding Zechariah and Elizabeth and their miracle son, John. Yesterday, while reading the Bible, God spoke to me through the same chapter of Luke 1..but in a different way. Zechariah and Elizabeth were righteous and religious in the eyes of God. Elizabeth was barren and they both were well advanced in years. They continued doing everything for the Lord, not considering their problem as their priority…but deep in Zechariah’s heart, he felt empty and God heard that prayer. God sent Gabriel to tell him the Good News that God is going to give him a son..God  told him about the name of his son and his purpose in this world, even before his son was conceived. But since he showed disbelief, he was imposed silence until this promise is fulfilled. And he was not able to speak for more than 9 months.

When I read that, one question came to my mind..Was this long wait not enough? Now another 9 more months of trial till he received his promise?  Even before Elizabeth was conceived with John, I believe that Zechariah was conceived with his promise. He held it together in his heart. Like a mother who was conceived with a single cell which grows to be a baby as months pass by, Zechariah, started with a word from heaven. As days passed by, the promise within took more started to grow in him…even though the world could not see the changes within him or hear from him, it kept on growing until that day the promise was finally fulfilled. During the naming ceremony, when they asked Zechariah, the name of his son, he wrote ‘His Name Is John’ and his mouth was opened and tongue loosened. He gave birth to his promise that day. All these 9 months of waiting came out as a prophecy….What a wonderful thing it is to hold a word for 9 months and finally give birth to something great like a prophecy.

Did he say to God after these 9 months of imposed silence, something like, “Oh finally I’m able to speak”…Did he thank God for ending his muteness..or did he thank God for giving him a son in his old age? No…Through his prophecy, he praised God for sending a savior to  this world..and for keeping his promises to Israel….After several months of silence, his mouth was opened and tongue loosened to thank God for His plan of salvation and the redemption through Jesus, the Messiah. And at the end of the prophecy, he talks about the purpose of John , his son.

Dear child of God, sometimes God lets us go through some extreme period of waiting where you are not able to tell others what you feel. You know that the promise is conceived within you…Though the world is not able to see it, you know that its waiting for its needs that time to form its have its own character, identity and existence…And on its appointed day, when you finally give birth to your promise, it will come out not as that single promise that you conceived, but as a prophecy, filled with Holy Spirit which exemplifies the glory of God.

Some promises when fulfilled will break some bonds that was tied on us…some spiritual breakthroughs that was bounded will be loosened by the birth of certain promises…What will be the first words in our mouth when God fulfills His promises about us? Zechariah gave birth to a beautiful prophecy after his long wait..What will we give birth to? A prophecy? A love song for your King?

Remember, while you wait patiently, God is adding more words to your promise, He is forming the structure and giving you the best tune…so that when your promise is fulfilled,  not only your neighbors, but everyone who hears about it will say, “This is a miracle…an anointed purpose…with God’s hand constantly on it…So let us be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.

I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it: and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints (Psalms 52:9)

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Hi Rani,

    Amen. I will wait for my time…or rather until HE opens my mouth. I have my testimony on this one…read Ezekiel 3:24-27. The Lord closes my 7 years. But now I know and understand why. When we are quiet, God is working on our inside…and enlarge us beyond our time.

    Thank you…great post, full of truth and wisdom.

    Love and hugs,


    • Thank you Gladwell…What I have noticed in life is that waiting makes us more humble before God…more closer to Him…trusting more on Him than any others…
      And one day, the world around will see what was inside of us…and all the glory will belong to Him and Him alone.

      God Bless,

  2. Rani

    I have often had to wait on the Lord and the longer the wait, the sweeter the fruit has been and I thank you for reminding us of that. God has purpose in our suffering and longing and we just need to trust Him fully. Thank you for the encouraging post today.


    • Yes, the longer the wait…the sweeter the fruit…You will cherish it more and if you have noticed, you will see that all those things that we have waited for, once recieved has been a great blessing for the Lord and His Kingdom…

      Thank you once again,

  3. Rani,

    I love this post. Recently, I read the same passage in Luke.

    Amazing, how Elizabeth’s relatives and neighbors thought that they were going to name her baby for her. What audacity!

    But anyway, back to your post. God has told me to be still before Him, and they surely involves waiting.

    So, I really appreciate what you write about how waiting will eventually give birth to something. I’ve never thought of that.

    But I will now!

    Actually, I think I’m about to get excited about what God is going to do.

    Thank you for your sharing your insights about this passage.

    And for stopping by my blog.

    Sweet dreams.

    • Thank you for stopping by…Yes the relatives and neighbours were surprised to hear the name ‘John’ from Elizabeth, as they thought that it was a new name in her family..They were all the more surprised to hear the same name from Zechariah…One thing they failed to understand was that..heaven had named the child even before he was concieved..and they could no way alter the plans of Heaven…

      Its so refreshing to know that no one in this world can change the plans of heaven for us…because He had seen us even before the foundation of this earth was laid…

      Thank You once again…
      God Bless,


  4. Dear Rani,
    What a wonderful devotion. I am currently and have been in the waiting season and waiting on the Lord for my breakthrough. Please pray for me, that I will not waver in my faith and that I will not lean on my feelings but trust in Him fully as I continue to wait.
    God bless you so much!!

    • Thank you Desiree…I’m in that waiting season too…so can really understand what you go through…Whenever I feel tired in this process, I remember the story of Elijah..He asked his servant seven times to go to the mountain and check for the rain…Everytime he came back with a negative report…but seventh time, he saw a cloud in the size of a palm…can a heavy rain come from a tiny cloud…yes…Never give up on Him…If He has promised, He will do it for you…

      I’ll be praying for you…
      God Bless,

  5. Thank you Rani for this devotional and sharing your personal journey. I too am going through a real hard period right now. The benefit of having gone through the wilderness before in my walk, is that even though it gets really tough, I know the light will come at the end of this tunnel & there IS an excellent purpose and reason for our suffering.
    It is real and it WILL finally come to pass. I too, have pressed in closely to the Lord since being born again twenty nine years ago. As you say, He is my Lord, my saviour, my friend and my Master. It is so great to know, we share the same affliation! There are many Christians who do not relate to this deeper life in Christ. During this part of my journey God has directed me
    to ‘sojourn in the land He has given me’. Because of the isolation and loneliness of this ‘land’ and because He has flat out said, “Stay at home and do not get connected to a small group” my flesh fails but my heart says “Yes, Lord”. Again He has told me to separate myself from others. A challenge for me, a people person!I long for Christian support. In this deep place with Him, it is critical we stand with all our strength and determination. I have purposed in my heart, “I AM DETERMINED…to see the Lord’s purpose come to pass here. I will obey Him. Subsequently, His WORD is ever before my eyes and lips, and it seems like my very life depends on it. The Lord has shown me to, “Humble thyself beneath His mighty hand and in due time…you will be exalted”.
    This reminds me again that this forced, hemmed in situation, is working for my GOOD…in the end it will produce the result He desires to see in me and many other things as well. Especially for the ladies, it can be a challenge to see beyond what we are feeling and we must look to the greater purpose rather than the yucky feeling place we are in the midst of. A minister recently talked about him trying to ‘figure out’ what it was God was doing in his situation. Sometimes we just can’t wrap our minds around it as you are going thru it. In this, God’s will encompasses benefits for all those around us and has even eternal consequences. I love Isa. 49:23 …for they shall not be put to shame who wait for, look for, hope for and expect Me.” I’m really counting on this. I know this can be difficult when your depressed or tired, but praising him in word and song, draws God to us (& breakthroughs can happen as well) Sometimes you have to just force yourself to do it. Highly we exalt You O God! It seems imperative this be done. Our ‘wilderness’ experience is a place of dryness, thirst and desperation, we must stand on His promises & His Word, so He may be glorified and all men will see the miracles He can do! In the midst of doing these things, God comes and speaks to our heart, He takes care of us, He carries us through. I stand with my brothers and sisters here, as we ‘sojourn in our lands’. I believe God is faithful and will never leave us or forsake us. I hope to check back to hear of those who have pulled through this time, and hear of their good reports. God bless you richly ❤

    • Thank you so much for that additional insight…Yes wilderness expereinces are for a reason..and I pray that all of us who go through such expereinces will see God’s hand in the midst of it and will recieve the victory He has planned for us..

      God Bless,

    • Reading this by HEARTPEACE also moved me…Lord knows, I, too, have gone through the wildnerness, so desperate for the light, but in the end not being able to let go of trusting God…knowing someway or somehow, He will come through for me…and this time, though what I wait for is even bigger than anything of the past, I know He will do it. It fills my heart with humility to read others’ similar stories…loving God is not just loving God when life is easy and smooth, but loving Him when I can His hands all over me, holding me up, and bringing me through more victoriously than I have ever dreamed. I have prayed for the Lord to not let me be ashamed for my faith and trust in Him, and from reading here, I see that others have prayed the same. Indeed, the LORD ALMIGHTY will vindicate our faith, and we will rejoice in our victory. AMEN!

      • I just ran across this Scripture, tuesday, as well…from Psalm 41, vs 11,12
        By this I know that You favor and delight in me, because my enemy does not triumph over me. And as for me, You have upheld me in my integrity, and set me in Your presence for ever. Yeah!I went through several Scriptures I’m studying lately and highlighted what the Lord WILL do…He will…defend, ensure, protect, support, twart, uphold, deliver, etc etc. This really helps me once again realize that He has no problem helping His children. I’ve known the enemies voice to be persistent, opportunistic and loud. The Lords voice is usually quiet…so as I read these life giving Scriptures I want to ‘hear’ these LOUD and CLEAR, PROCLAIM THEM and make sure the enemy hears it! I believe God is calling his ppl to SPEAK HIS WORD, especially in response to the enemies lies.His Word is our shield. He wants us to ‘get involved personally’ It can no longer just be a ‘spectactor’ event. The enemy is attacking us individually. Hope this will bring you encouragement! He will uphold us in our integrity! PG!

      • Thank you heartpeace for the encouragement through the WORD…

        God Bless,

  6. Thank you so much for this. The Lord has made me some very powerful, and specific promises, and I have been waiting on him for some time. There are moments when I feel so weary, I just want to give up–I even start saying to myself: “Maybe this isn’t what He has for you…maybe…” Then I remember that He who has promised is faithful, and something (usually non-tangible) will happen, and my hope in his promises are restored again, and I wait on Him knowing that what He has for me will be even greater than I can imagine it. I feel so inspired by what you wrote about how God has given you the BEST of what you have prayed for. the BEST is what the Lord has promised me, and it is upon the fulfillment of this that I wait on Him. Thank you for your post, Rani–May God bless you indeed, and may He make you surefooted as he sets you upon your high places. Amen!

    • Tuesday,

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and I’m glad that you could stop by…I hope this blog will be a blessing to you…in your walk with Him..Waiting has been really difficult for me..and I have asked Lord…”How long?”..but I can tell you that He has strengthened me each time I find myself weak and weary…He has renewed my strength like Eagles.. and I pray that He will do the same for you…

      God Bless,

  7. Dear Rani,

    I know this post is old, but I speaks to me in volumes. Waiting for the Lord to act, like I am now, is the hardest thing one can endure and time only makes it more cruel. But, the promise made my God will not go empty and that make life a little easy. Thanks for this message on you blog, God Bless.

    -Charles Thangaraj

  8. Praise the Lord. I am reading this over a year after it was written, but I have been so blessed by the truth there. God has been teaching me how to wait upon Him for some time now- actually for years; I lived many many years of my walk with God rushing about and proceeding on my own understanding of things. But now that God has quieted me, I know the wonder and rest of living in waiting upon Him. I love what you said about what will come out of our mouths when God finally fulfills His Word to us- a song to our King. There is a song growing in my heart and many times I just break down into tears at the overwhelming goodness and wonderfulness of God. Praise God for the quiet and the waiting, for the stillness- we get the incomparable fortune of KNOWING Him. Halleluia! I am encouraged to keep on waiting, and to know that in His time, and in His way- God will fulfill His promise to me. Thank you so much for this sharing. This is the first time i have come across your blog and I am going to read some more. May God be praised in You and may You continue to be a delight to His heart.


  9. Im encouraged to know the importance of waiting in the Lord

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