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Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow,  will return with songs of joy,  carrying sheaves with him.

            Psalms 126: 5-6

For the past one month, God had been showing me the results of sowing in tears. I could experience that in my personal life and also in other’s lives who were constantly on knees, praying in tears. I could see Holy Spirit working in them, bringing out the best in their lives after a long wait of tears and sighs. It is not at all an exaggeration if I tell you that my blog stats started rising up after I started praying before publishing the post. I know that you wouldn’t believe, but that is the truth.

One day God revealed to me a truth; we do not see best results in many of our Christian ministries, because they are not done with prayer as the backbone……You might be called to give out tracts to others or sometimes you are given the ministry of preaching out to millions or you are just a blogger like me who likes to spread the love of God through writing…no matter what kind of ministry we are doing, if we are not spending time on our knees, we will not see many being blessed. God taught me to pray for the word I write, for all the readers of this blog, for many other bloggers who do the same ministry as mine and even for the people who search in the Google. My WordPress dashboard lets me see how people used the Google searches to find my site and I have seen many times, people searching “Father, I do not know what to do next”, “Does prayer work”, Tired of waiting for God’s promises”…Even before they start typing, God might have arranged people to pray for them..What a loving God we serve! So if you are worried about the outcome of your ministry, I would say, “TRY TEARS”.

Now, let me come to today’s key verse…Sowing in tears. This is a thanksgiving Psalms sung by men and women who were brought back to Zion after a long 70 years of exile at Babylon. They could not believe their eyes when they finally reached their homeland which was a dream for many years. They were filled with laughter and joy and remembered all that God did for their lives. But the joy they experience is the result of long years of tears…I love the verse 4 which says , Restore our fortunes, O LORD, like streams in the Negev. Finally its time for the harvest…a time to restore all their fortunes..

God has graciously provided His Word as the seed. The experiences that we have gone through and lessons that we have learned through the trials of life has made our seed, a very rare breed…unique..and different than others. God has given us that with the expectation that we will sow it for others.  The Bible says that the time of sowing may not be always pleasant and happy. But that does not mean that we should wait for the favorable circumstances to sow the seed. Ecclesiastes 11:4 says He who observes the wind will not sow, And he who regards the clouds will not reap.

You might be sharing the word of God when your situations are not that favorable. You might be doing the ministry that God has given you in spite of that terrible illness of yours…You might be showing a smiling face outside while your heart is heavy and crying. God has seen all the late nights that you have spent on the word of God. He says that “You will reap in joy…All your tears will make the garden well watered so that your rare breed of experience along with the Word of God can take deep roots…Heaven will pour the former and latter rains for your seed to grow and You will see the Harvest ahead…On that day, you will have the fruits of your labor in your hand and you will be leaping with joy…because all your efforts are rewarded” 

But please do not wait for the cloud and the wind to be favorable for you to start sowing..Your seed is beneficial to others only when it falls on the ground and take deep roots…Making it grow is God’s part, but sowing is to be done from your side. You will never realize the potential of a small seed until you plant it. Remember, though mustard seed is the smallest, it grows out to be one of the biggest trees of the nature.

Dear Child of God, today, before doing anything for Christ, take a moment to pray..ask Holy Spirit to guide you in prayer.  After that moment with God in tears, every single word that you speak will have a unusual anointing from Heaven because you have invested there IN TEARS.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Amen Sister,
    Your words are full of Godly wisdom. we must constantly sow and have compassion for those who do not have the mark of God on their souls. we must leave our comfort zones to seek them, and shed tears for them. Thanks for this message Rani, God Bless

    • Thank you Jim, I have heard somewhere that Prayer is the only medium through which you can bring heaven into this earth, working for our issues of life….That is the reason why Jesus himself, being God, taught us from His own example that prayer should be a vital part of a believer…

      Let us all sow in tears and one day hold our harvest in joy…

      God Bless,
      Rani Jon

  2. I sowed yesterday in tears. And I am sowing again as I read your article. Lord, may you bring many to Rani’s blog…to read the words you have given her from your throne. Oh…I WILL BE REJOICING WITH HER when she comes back with sheaves in her hands…as her rewards for her labor of love.

    God bless you and thanks,


    • Thank you so much Gladwell…I’m sure God has blessed your ministry because you have sowed in tears….Thank you for praying for me..

      God Bless,
      Rani John

  3. Rani,
    Thanks for the thought. These days God has given me buden to pray for many people. He also gave me the thought that pray in your knees. Satan trembles when he sees a child of God in knees. I am not able to do that all the time. Your devotion has inspired me to that. God bless you.

    • Thank you, Yes, thats so true…Satan trembles when he sees a child of God in knees, praying in tears…

      God Bless,

  4. This morning, I was sent a forward and I blogged about it too. A Japanese Researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto took water droplets, exposed them to various words, music, and environments, and froze them for three hours. He then examined the crystal formations under a dark field microscope. And he took photographs. The results speak for themselves. The most beautiful crystals were ones formed after praying and this shows the power of prayer which we take for granted. It’s wonderful that you wrote about how we ignore prayer before we do God’s work and I thank God for confirming what he showed me through what you wrote. God bless you for sharing God’s word faithfully.

    • Its so amazing what prayer can do…If even droplets of water can reflect its power, how much more it should reflect on us who are saved by the precious blood of Jesus…Amazing…Thank you Vineet for that additional info..

      God Bless,
      Rani John

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