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Talk To Your Children About Jesus

The people served the LORD throughout the lifetime of Joshua and of the elders who outlived him and who had seen all the great things the LORD had done for Israel…..After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel. Then the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the LORD and served the Baals.

     Judges 2:7,10,11
According to me, the greatest achievement a person can have is to see his generations serve the Lord, just the way he did. If my grandparents lived today, I belive that they would be really happy to see me serving the Lord in truth and spirit. They would be really happy to know that all their prayers and the time they spent to teach us from the word of God was not really a waste. But the real question is that ..Will I be able to see my grandchildren serve the Lord with the same passion that I have today?

In the book of Judges, we read that after the people of Israel took possession of their inheritance in the promised land, Joshua died. The elders who saw all the works of the Lord also passed away and a new generation came into picture. But this new generation, did not know the Lord or His works and they did evil in the sight of the Lord.  How did this happen? If you look into the scriptures, you can see that there are several verses in the book of Exodus which need to tell this to your children and when they ask the reason behind a certain memorial or a feast, tell them that the hand of the Lord saved them from the bondage of Egypt.(Exodus 13:8, Exodus 13:14). God had specifically instructed them to keep a memorial of everything and remind the generation of a God who saved them from the bondage. In my imagination, I think that they must have diligently followed every word of God’s instruction while they were in the wilderness. While they were in the wilderness, they could experience the fresh hand of God in their everyday life…their everyday food was from heaven, their protection in the desert was the cloud in the day and the pillar of cloud in the night. God fought the battles for them. Everything they experienced there in the wilderness was fresh and not a fairy tale…It was not a fantasy or a story…it was mere experience.

But things changed when they finally came to the promised land. The heavens supply stopped the day they enjoyed the food from the ground. They started living. All these years, if they moved their tent from place to place and camped at places where God told them, now they are settling at their own promised land. They need to work hard to meet their ends, they need to build houses..In that busy life of settling in the land, they must have forgotten everything about their wilderness. They forgot to talk to their children about a God who saved them from the slavery. They did not find time to share with their generations about a God who provided them with heavenly means in the desert. And so a new generation grew up, who neither knew Lord, nor what he had done for Israel.

Are we there? We live a busy life, work hard doing double jobs, do everything we could to increase the standard of living for our children. How often do we take time to talk to our kids about the love of God and the experiences we had with our saviour? We do everything to make their education perfect, but how many times do we tell them, “Your greatest asset in life is JESUS and if you have him, you have EVERYTHING“. If we fail in our duties towards our children, then a new generation will grow up who will never know the Lord.

I’m grateful for my parents. Their tears and prayers have brought me this far. I remember while I was a child, I used to hear my mother praying for our family everyday early morning and I’m sure that they still do that. How much burden do I have for my children? We read in the book of Job that he prayed for his children everyday. His sons used to take turns holding feasts in their homes, and they would invite their three sisters to eat and drink with them. When a period of feasting had run its course, Job would send and have them purified. Early in the morning he would sacrifice a burnt offering for each of them, thinking, “Perhaps my children have sinned and cursed God in their hearts.” This was Job’s regular custom.

Our children live in a world that is full of evil. Its our responsibility to train them and guide them to the ultimate truth. We might be successful in making a good fortune for our children, we might provide all the best education for them…but we utterly fail if we are not able to lead them to Jesus. Do you take time to talk to your child about Jesus? Do you insist them to read bible everyday? Do you get them good christian books to read? If you read, 2 Timothy 1:5, there we see Paul talking a good report about Timothy. I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also. When God looks at you, he should see the same faith in you..just like your parents and their forefathers had…may be more faith than them..but defenitely no lesser. If you are the first in your generation to know Jesus, then make it your prayer that when God looks at your children and their children, He should see the same passion and love you have for Jesus in them too.

Let this be your promise from God for your generation and make it your responsibility.”As for me, this is my covenant with them,” says the LORD. “My Spirit, who is on you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth, or from the mouths of your children, or from the mouths of their descendants from this time on and forever,” says the LORD. (Isaiah 59:21)

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Hi Rani. I don’t know why, but as I get to know you better through your writing I realize that you are a God-sent into my life to confirm all the things God has been speaking to me over the years. Talk about the faith…God put in my heart that verse in 2 Timothy 1:5 about the faith I inherited from my grandmother through my mother. I am a living example of passing on faith to the next generation.

    Blessings as always..


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