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Too Comfortable In Your Current Spiritual Life??

When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, “Tell me, what can I do for you before I am taken from you?”  “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit,” Elisha replied.

         2 Kings 2:9

Are you satisfied with your current relationship with God or do you crave more of God? A child of God should never be content with his spiritual blessing. He/ she must desire to know God more, to have more of His love, to receive more of His blessings, to see the visions of His kingdom and to work hard for reaching the unreached. We all ask God for material blessings..but  how often do we say, “Lord, I’m not satisfied with my current spiritual life, help me grow more”. We see a prophet in the Old testament named Elisha who asked for a double portion of spirit. Elisha did follow God very hard until he received what he had asked for.

But have you ever thought how he recieved that double portion? For today’s devotion let us read 2 Kings 2:1-13. There we read that when Elijah was about to be taken up to the heaven by a whirlwind, he started his journey from Gilgal with Elisha. This journey continued from Gilgal, to Bethel, then to Jericho and finally to Jordan. In all of these places, Elijah asked Elisha to stop following him and tarry in the current place they were in. But Elisha was so persistent and followed him until they crossed over Jordan. I would like to describe the significance of each place and how it can be related to our personal spiritual life.

Gilgal: The meaning of that word is ‘rolling’. It was at this place where Joshua circumcised the people of Israel. It was in Gilgal that the reproach of Egypt was rolled away from the lives of the Israelites. They were delivered from the bondage of Egypt and they have started their journey to the promised land. Gilgal has a spiritual meaning of ‘salvation’. It is at this place that we all need to start out spiritual journey to our promised land.

Bethel: Jacob saw the heavens open at this place. And so he named it Bethel meaning ‘the house of God’. It was at Bethel that he realised his past failures and decided to trust the God of His fathers. Jacob was restored spiritually at this place. So it a place of ‘relationship and restoration’ with God. Sometimes, we reach this place after several trials in life…We might have to go through a time of sorrow and pain, a time of running away from the comforts of life…But in our spiritual journey, the stop at Bethel rejuvenate us and helps us to move on.

Jericho: It was at this place where Joshua and the people of Israel fought the battle of God. They listened to the word of God and walked around the walls of Jericho for seven days..and on the seventh day, after the seventh time, when they shouted the voice of praise, the wall of Jericho fell in front of their very own eyes and thus they conquered their first battle. So this place is where you listen to the word of God, obey it without questioning, fight the battle and enjoy the victory.

Jordan: This is the place where Joshua saw the hand of God. The people of Israel crossed the overflowing Jordan with its waters giving way for them to walk on the dry ground. The spiritual meaning of Jordan is the state of dying yourself with Christ and raising to live for Him. This is the place where you leave what you were on the other side of the Jordan and join together with Christ in His death and rise with Him to the promise that He has kept for us on the other side.

So if you carefully examine 2 Kings 2:1-13, you will understand that Elijah and Elisha started their journey at Gilgal. But Elijah asked him to tarry there in Gilgal, but Elisha was so focused on his goal and refused to stay there and followed his master diligently. The same thing happened when they both reached Bethel, Jericho and Jordan too. Elijah requested Elisha to stay back, but he persistently followed. Seeing His undisturbed focus, Elijah asked what he could do for Elisha before he was taken up to heaven. Elisha asked the most important and strange request of having the double portion of the spirit. Elijah promised that if Elisha was able to see him taken unto heaven, then surely he will receive the blessing. In my imagination, I think that Elisha might have not even blinked his eyes so that he will not miss the event. He did not change his focus from his master no matter what. It was more difficult that following his master through all the above places. Now he was at the verge of receiving what he was promised, and a small mistake from his part will ruin the ultimate purpose of this journey so far. Did he receive what he craved for? YEs of course. He saw the chariots of heaven taking his master to heaven and he recieved his double portion of spirit. If you read the remaining chapters, you see that he started his ministry immediately with great power and strength and was used mightily for the Kingdom of God.

 A child of God passes through all these places in his spiritual life. Gilgal is the most important starting point of our journey, it is at this place of ‘salvation’ that our reproach of bondage was rolled away. But we are not called to be satisfied with mere salvation, we ought to move Bethel.Many people wants the life of victory(the place of Jericho) even before having the communion of God at Bethel. You need to spend time with God at Bethel and know Him and ask Him to restore you at Bethel before going to Jericho. Otherwise, you will not be able to fight the battle of Jericho. Some of us are satisfied with just spending time with God and do not want to fight the battles for christ. We are not called to tarry at need to move forward to Jericho. When we reach there, you have battles to be won..but for that one needs to listen and obey to the word of God and praise Him and you will see walls falling in front of you. Next comes the river of Jordan. Christian life is much easier before Jordan experience. At that place, you crucify yourself to the body of Christ…all your self is dead and you ar living for Him.

The double portion of the anointing is recieved only at a price. Your persistence in following God. Your strong desire to be used for heaven. Your passion to know God more will need your complete attention on heaven’s business. God will not withhold anything from His children, if we are persistent enough in following Him. Where are you in your spiritual life? Are you  more comfortable at one place than you should ever be. Do you tarry at one place? You need to move on and you will recieve the double portion of His anointing.

God Bless,

Rani John



  1. Amen. This article is blessed. I am at the edge of Jordan… like Joshua and his household…I am about to cross over to the promised land. And just like Elisha, I need a double portion of his blessings and anointing for where He is taking me. Thanks for sharing this. Its important to know where one is before one decides to move on.

    You are a blessing.


  2. nice site.. very interesting!! i need updates from you guys..

    • Thank you for visiting…
      God Bless,

  3. your write up is trully inspiration,Ipray God bless your organisation with greater grace and favour for greater impact…..your’s trully
    Rev Francis,nigeria

  4. very nice ….

  5. I am truly blessed by this article. Thank you so much.

  6. Just found this sight and for me things have been revealed as needed; when needed.

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