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You Are Successful…When God Is With You

The LORD was with Joseph, and he was a successful man; and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian

    Genesis 39:2

For most of us, success means a white collar job with a huge salary, beautiful mansions, a very respectful position in the society and great family. Thats what the world thinks about success. But for a child of God, successful living is when God is with you. And that is about today’s devotion. You can be successful at your master’s house and also even in the prison. Got a clue about the person I’m going to talk about…Joseph. He was the most successful person in the old testament times whom God raised from a pit to the prison and then to the palace.

Since we are all familiar with the story, I do not want to repeat the same. Joseph was hated by his brothers because of his visions from God. From the pit that his brothers threw him into, he was sold to Ishmaelites for twenty shekels of silver. And they took him into Egypt. From the Ishmaelites, Potiphar, an officer of Pharoah bought him and he was one among his many slaves. Being an officer of Pharoah, I think that potiphar had many servants and it was God’s ultimate plan that he should be there at his house.

How would we trust God if we were in Joseph’s place? Would you be able to see God’s hand when you are in a pit, then later sold as a slave? Like Joseph, we need to trust God no matter what happens. We may not be able to see God’s promises working in our way. But remember that God is in control. He will orchestrate His purposes behind the scenes…in His due time.

But the success of Joseph’s life was that God was with Him everywhere. There was no place in his life, that God stood far from him and watched what Joseph was doing. God’s blessing on Joseph was very noticeable, even to Potiphar who surely had lot of servants. For a master who had everything in  life, to take attention on a slave and his blessings is rather extraordinary. Potiphar was a pagan, but still could see the hand of God behind the success of Joseph. And so he appointed him overseer of his house. He put him in charge of everything and God started blessing the Egyptian’s house for Joseph’s sake. If God did that for Joseph, He wants to do that for you too. He wants to bless you in everything you do…He wants you to be a blessing wherever you are…God wants to bless others whom you come into contact with..because of you. He wants you to have a successful life which attracts the world to you. Your colleagues, your boss, your neighbours, your friends and your family should see the God who is in favour of you.

God was with Joseph, because he was very faithful. Though he was given all the authority at Potiphar’s house, he never misused that. He never forgot who he was and was very responsible for his actions. Even though Joseph had all the chances for the temptation of life, he was not led to that trap. Potiphar’s wife could not tempt him to her lustful desires. Joseph knew whom he served and this temptation will destroy his testimony. So he resisted that and God used him to do greater things for Him. We too are faced with many temptations when we least expect it. We may not experience something like Joseph often in our lives….but there are many other temptations that we ought to fight in our christian life. Satan always tries to put that tool of his in our lives to prevent us from succeeding. If you resist his ideas, we will be able to do greater things for God. One of the temptations that I fight often is to control my mouth. God is teaching me to keep quiet when I feel like exploding. I’m learning to be silent when I badly want to state my case. I do not know what temptation you are in. But the more you resist it, the easier it becomes.

Though Joseph was successful in resisting his temptation, he was put into the prison of the King of Egypt. Now, you might have thought, what is the whole point of standing for God, if you are taken from one prison to the other?. But that is God’s purpose. You might not see a difference in the circumstances, but God sees the opportunity of His blessings more closer now in the King’s prison. Handling a bunch of prisoners were totally different than handling Potiphar’s pocessions. But he was raised to a different level of training. God was preparing Joseph for the next position of being the ruler of Egypt. In that place too, Joseph was blessed by God and in no time, he was given the responsibility of the prisoners, by the jail keeper. We even read that the jail keeper did not look into anything that was under Joseph’s authority, because the Lord was with him and whatever he did, the Lord made it prosper. Wherever Joseph was placed, he was a success. From that prison, he rose the be the ruler of Egypt.

You might not see God’s hand in your current circumstances…but He has a purpose for that place. He is training you for a higher position. All the visions and promises that God has given you is closer to you. He is able to bless you abundantly in that place of yours. In that journey of success, stay away from temptations. He will bless everything you do. Humble yourself before the Lord, trust in Him , wait for His promises and He will exalt you in due time.


Rani John



  1. I am so encouraged and comforted by your devotions! I am so glad to have come accross this blog of yours.
    God bless you!

  2. Thank you so much for reading….I’m so happy that God is doing what He has promised me about this blog….Please remember me in your prayers…God Bless.

  3. may GOd bless u i am also eager that GOd will do his promises that he gave to me pray me hard bless you.

  4. i want to see GOd hand on me like joseph and other christian family.

  5. i want to see GOd hand on me like joseph and other christian family.prat me again and again

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