Posted by: springsinthedesert | January 19, 2010

Do You Have Enough Oil?

“Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.

            Mathew 25:13

Few months back, while going to church, God reminded me a photo, one of my friends have sent long back. That sunday, we were planning to sing a song that reminded about the second coming of Jesus and we were listening to that song in the car on the way to church. At first, I could not understand why this picture was coming to my mind repeatedly, but later I realised what the Holy Spirit was telling me. That was the picture of my friend welcoming her husband in the airport. They have been married for years and due to some immigration issues, her husband could not be with her in the United States. They were living in far countries for many years.

Finally, that day arrived when her husband was coming to be with her. She had sent me a series of photos in which she showed how she decorated her house with balloons and flowers, the cake she baked, the dinner she prepared. She had a picture in which she was all dressed up well for him, waiting eagerly for that flight to arrive. And the next photo was just the best one. Her mom had captured that moment so beautifully. In that picture, you can see her, with her arms around his neck with a bouquet of flowers, not bothered about the surroundings. You know what the caption of that picture was?  “Finally together after long years of waiting”.

Now, you might be wondering why am I writing these romantic stuff in a devotional. That day when Holy Spirit reminded me this photo, He also asked me a question…Will you be ready to receive your redeemer like this? Suddenly the words of that song which we were about to sing in church had more depth and great meaning and I worshipped God more than any other day. Let me ask the same question to you. Are you ready to receive Jesus? Do you believe that He is coming soon or is it just an old wives’ tale for you? Many have said that for years and it never happened and so, are you in that state where you dont give much of a seriousness to it? Just like day and night is a truth to you and me, the coming of Jesus Christ is the next big event the world is going to face, whether you agree it or not. Everything that happens in this world points to that event. But are we ready?

For today’s devotion, I would like to put that spark on your heart. In Mathew, chapter 25, we read about the parable of the ten virgins. We are so familiar with that parable. There we see ten virgins, all ready for the bridegroom. Now the classification of wise and foolish, came upon them not because they were like that from before. That classification was given to them  because there was a slight difference in  the preparation they made to receive the bridegroom. All ten were dressed up to receive him. They all had lamps on their hand. All the lamps had oil too. Now, nobody can say that they did not wait for the bridegroom. All ten of them waited patiently for him. In that long wait, the wise along with the foolish, slumbered and slept too. But at midnight, the cry was heard, “Behold, the bridegroom is coming” and the next few moments made all the difference. They all trimmed their lamps and alas, the lamps of the five foolish were burning out. They did not have extra oil to pour in. But the wise had prepared extra oil for their lamps, thinking, if at all the bridegroom is late. They were prepared for the “midnight”. So all that mattered for that day was that “extra oil”. May be that extra oil was not much, it would have been just a handful, but it was precious and priced more than all the world for those wise virgins on that wedding day.

What is that oil? We all know that it is the presence of the Holy Spirit. Do you have Holy Spirit in your life? Most of the times, we are satisfied with what we have. We do not crave for more. Do we have extra oil so that it will help us along the midnight experiences of life? Are we prepared for the worst scenario? Tomorrow’s challenges may not be the same as today. To face that tomorrow, you need more of Him. Never be satisfied with what you have now. Be prepared and carry more.

One thing that touched me from this parable is that the oil is something which cannot be shared. Did you ever notice that before? Gospel as well as your experiences with Jesus can be shared. The love of Jesus in you, can be expressed and given to someone else. You can guide someone to the truths and ways of Jesus. But the Holy Spirit that you receive can never be shared. It is all yours. Another person should receive it by himself. Nobody can force you to have it. The relationship that you have with Jesus, the preparations that you make to receive Him and all the spiritual blessings you have is all yours and cannot be shared. Just because your father is a pastor, you will not have it. If your husband is an evangelist, that doesn’t mean that you will have the oil from him. So it is your responsibility to be prepared with that extra oil.

How are we prepared to receive our Saviour Jesus? Are we eagerly waiting for Him? That day, when Holy Spirit asked me that question, I was just shocked. One question came to my mind..”What if I am not ready when He comes? The door will be closed and all that I have done in this life will turn useless in that one moment”. I think that the Holy Spirit should give us a pinch every now and then to remind the importance of this matter. Otherwise, we will think that we are ready and will underestimate the preparations that is to be made for receiving Him. And that is the reason behind this devotion….Just to give you a pinch..Are You Ready for that day..”Finally together after long years of waiting”.


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